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Extraordinary camouflaged animals…

Funny pictures about Experts At Camouflage. Oh, and cool pics about Experts At Camouflage. Also, Experts At Camouflage photos.

Haha funny

Gaga I love the one that says I hate it when you walk outside and a giraffe kicks you in the balls

is this really a problem?

is this really a problem? What kind of idiot would use batteries instead of toothpaste? Like, come on. But I can still floss with the batteries, right?

I can't stop laughing at this.

Crushed Chocolate Milk Carton Face - It's Alive!: This milk carton appears to look like a head from easter island. I'm not sure if I would purchase this carton


Awww thats so sad. it sounds like me and every other girl i know. haha which means LOTS OG GIRLS NIGHTS THIS SUMMER!<---so much zone, so much friend. At least I know that guys are looking for a real friendship with me