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Skin Brightener/Spot Treatment–Raw honey is brilliant for brightening the complexion and helping to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation because once it is mixed with water it releases a natural peroxide. Mix a tiny bit of honey and water and use as a spot treatment for blemishes and watch them fade.

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50 Sewing Tips for Beginners & Pros

Everything You Need to Know About Sewing: 50 Tips, Tricks and Techniques for all skill levels

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The Top 4 African American Skin Care Issues, Solved

Hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation -- an increase or decrease of color in the skin, respectively -- are more common and more noticeable in darker skin tones (Page of results

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There is life in God's Word that can inspire you to breathe love into your own marriage. Here are 8 Bible verses to strengthen your marriage with FREE Printables!

49 Brilliant Uses For Your Smartphone's Camera

49 Things You Haven't Thought to Use Your Camera Phone For!

1000 Life Hacks - So it's not just other humans it repulses huh? hahaha At least it's healthy, as an insect repellant and for your body.