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35 Body-Positive Mantras to Say in Your Mirror Every Morning

It's time to love your body — no matter what. Here are 7 ways to show yourself some love.

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Today’s self-love tip: make time to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Check out this awesome guide to discover even more ways to create a positive relationship with yourself.

5 Mantras for Daily Self-Love [Infographic]

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls... SO I WILL. "You are allowed to fall in love with yourself." Every single woman needs to read this, especially us not so confident ladies.


Be you. Size doesn't matter, clothes don't matter, what matters is how you treat others.

Plus Size Art: Making a Statement with Penny Candy Studios

Your body is wonderful. Any other message is a lie.

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A good and helpful approach. Our bodies are enough. #freespo #BodyPositive #BodyImage

Learning to Like My Body and #FightFatTalk

Reflect. Learn. Be: Body Positive Her Campus UPRM

Reflect. Learn. Be: Body Positive

everyone who has ever had body image issues should read this blog post - AMAZING inspiration in keeping life positive!

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Southlake Counseling is a body hate free zone. Every place can be a love and celebration zone, too.

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"This blog has really changed my life. I almost went blonde last month. I've been trying to change myself for 4 years...."

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An Open Apology to All of My Weight Loss Clients - a wonderful read (trigger warning for calories, disordered eating/exercising behaviours, weight talk, etc.)

An Open Apology To My Former Weight Loss Clients


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Perfect is a social construct. Hot weather isn’t.

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still beautiful

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Modifications for yoga twists (and tips on making friends with your belly)

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An Open Letter to Bikini Season

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