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Sequim, WA  ·  Back to Eden Film invites you to take a walk with Paul Gautschi as he teaches you sustainable organic gardening methods that are capable of being implemented in
Back to Eden Film
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The new 'Back to Eden' film, the first-ever documentary devoted to mulch, explores how using wood chip mulch builds soil fertility.

BACK TO EDEN shares the story of one man’s lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden. Film online for free!

On Just A Couple Acres: ~Rethinking Mulch Gardening~

Does Back to Eden wood chip mulch gardening really work? Why wood chip mulch might not really be the best solution in the long run.

Back to Eden Garden in New Zealand

We consider ourselves fairly good gardeners, and have spent considerable time over the last few years developing our small plot in our urban rented home, having put in organic soil and compost and …