Add these vintage Victorian names to your baby names list right now!

20 Forgotten Victorian Names to Put on Your List: Add these vintage Victorian names to your baby names list right now!

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland by esanany on Etsy, $16.75

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Necklace

Corsets are handmade. Corset - body "Velvet Heart". Irina IriSSa Pavshin. Fair Masters.

Steampunk circus corset handmade "Velvet Heart" by Irina IriSSa Pavshin for Fair Masters

Steampunk Wings - Pulley driven

Steampunk Icarus Wings - Handmade wings…I've bin looking for the original site that these wings came from and finely found it!

"The Clerk" sculpture by Alexander Johnson aka Morffin.

The Clerk is the new sculpture from Melbourne based Artist Alexander Johnson aka Morffin. Looks Steampunk to me.

How to make the poufs on a bustle skirt.

How to make poufs for a bustle skirt. If we got he bustle route -- it looks like fashion in England in the was evenly mixed between bustles and hoop skirts. I'll have to do more research to find out if there are class implications.

Instructions and hat by Angela Mombers, who makes the most stunning costumes: The Victorian hat instructions 1. Example 2. Whip stitch millenary wire around the buckram pieces 3. Build crown 4. Cover crown with silk 5. Cover brim on both sides with silk 6. Cut opening in brim and clip seam allowance 7. Add tape inside opening of brim 8. Attach crown to tape on brim 9. Base hat is ready 10. Shape wire in desired shape 11. Add lace, feathers, cameo's etc 12. DONE

Instructions and hat by Angela Mombers: The Victorian hat instructions