Jeremy Geddes

Cool surreal art photography , the space explorer , great art gift for men or decorative design for masculine interiors pixels


cool behind the scenes doctor who vintage set photography , cyberman on a smoke break , funny real life surreal photo for scifi geeks, big bang lovers and dr.

THEY'VE LANDED! #space #monsters

First class found photo of a couple at Halloween. Am I weird that I see this and get all wistful for a boyfriend. a boyfriend who would happily want to do costumes like this with me?

Them! 1954

"Them!" Is an American black and white Sci-Fi film about a nest of gigantic irradiated ants. Released June this film was the scary horror of its day. My how things change.

1953 ...'Phantom From Space'

Phantom from Space is a 1953 American science fiction film produced and directed by W.