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Fachadas casas estreitas, modelos.

I see flex brick 😍

I like that this piece has shape to it and flow and it's not overbearing. The art doesn't need to consume a building I think it can accent it and be just as effective.

Wall made for LGZ in Moscow. Thank you Sabina and all the crew!

triangle geometric black and white pattern design

Geometric pattern // This black + white zig zag pattern creates an unusual visual effect.

islamic pattern

Ornament on the door to the Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca - Morocco

Islamic Art

Islamic Art (Ahmad Al Zarouni) Tags: color beach yellow gold 1 design nice dubai pattern patterns side uae mosque bin mohammed shaikh manara masjid islamic rashid maktoom masjd mosala blinkagain

Vector - traditional Persian-Arabic-Turkish-Islamic Pattern

traditional Persian Arabic Turkish Islamic Pattern Stock Vector www.

Mosaic Art Patterns | ... Artistic Decoration) » Islamic Patterns » Islamic Mosaic Pattern

Kalli Walli: The Art of Islamic Patterns

Sunset over the Flatanger Archipeligo in Norway

~~False Sunset ~ , seascape mirrored reflection, Flatanger Archipeligo, Norway by Andy Astbury~~


Natural Phenomena, Nature

The Osprey, (Pandion haliaetus), sometimes known as the Sea Hawk, Fish Eagle, River Hawk or Fish Hawk, breeds from Alaska and Newfoundland, and in the South to the Gulf Coast and Florida.

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus), sometimes known as Sea Hawk, Fish Eagle, River Hawk or Fish Hawk.