I did not know this was such a problem.

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You are about to exceed the limits of my medication. I am not on meds but some people make you feel like that!


Thanks for reminding me why I don't feel guilty that I can't stand you. Hmmmmm, this reminds me of someone.

Thank you bartending and serving for introducing me to inconsiderate, ignorant assholes everyday of my life. High point of my serving career? When a five year old treats me like shit on the bottom of his shoes, and his parents seem to approve. Thank you for sucking the soul out of me!

Sounds like my old job. Thank you for sucking the soul out of me! Glad I left that place because I got my soul back

Yes. True.

LOL ok i dont drink anymore and now i know my juddgment was always a bit skewed but this shit is too funny not to share. i def thought I had the answers and the no care attitude when i was buzzed


Hello Gas Man…

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Fr lol <<More like my brain while talking to complete strangers. Math I can do. Meeting new people.<<<uh it's me with math AND social communication lol

Yep. It is surprising how many people this applies to.

Love it (and I say this as a Twilight fan). I always thought it would be a fun drinking game to take a shot every time kstew says a line without emotion.

21 People Who Have A Worse Day Than You

21 People Who Have A Worse Day Than You

I'm crying!

"I tried to make chocolate covered bananas.they turned into dick pops.I'm no longer allowed to bring treats to school functions" anonymous LMAO