Bailey Couture

Bailey Couture

Bailey Couture
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Love the idea of flat cables.

Aviiq Ready Clips which are pen-sized flat cables which are a standard USB plug on one end, and your choice of mini USB, micro USB, or Apple connectors

Iris USOA400 IRISPen Express 6 Pen Scanner

Iris IRISPen Express 6 Pen Scanner- i cant make it through the rest of high school without this.

HA! Hahahaha!

So many fandoms.Sherlock, Star Wars, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, LOTR and Narnia.

what if

Meme Collection - Conspiracy Keanu -- Mom always said I could waste my life asking what if. this might prove her point LOL

only in St. Louis!

Louis Gooey Butter Cake a/k/a Chess Squares, Neiman Marcus Brownies, Texas Gold so on: These are my fave dessert bars ever. So yummy easy to make (only a few ingredients) everyone always gobbles them up wants the recipe. Love these!