8 stretches to get you flexible again

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Here’s Miranda Kerr’s editorial for Vogue UK’s July 2012 issue which has the most exquisite cover of Rachel Weisz on it (go and look now, exquisite! Miranda’s editorial wa…

15 Minute yoga Workout. Might start doing this to get a combined stretch and workout.

15 Minute Workout with Resistance Bands Jump-Rope Workout ab workout 15 Minute yoga Workout 15 minute workout

Better than runners mace! Blast Knuckles deliver 950,000 volts  Nice for personal protection.

Handy when running in public parks. Blast Knuckles deliver volts Nice for personal protection. Not even gonna pretend this one's for zombies, but it could be handy!

9 overnight beauty products to help you wake up looking flawless

9 Overnight Beauty Products for Waking Up Flawless

Skin care tips and beauty ideas - 9 overnight beauty products to help you wake up looking flawless


I can do the crow, tripod, and headstand. Now I just need to work on my forearm stand and scorpion.


LOCUST POSE brendayoga: Śalabhāsana - I can't say that this is motivating because I'll never be able to do it, but it's impressive, and a beautiful photo

Such a great shot - womens inspiration motivation pilates health fitness workout bayse luxe activewear

Fint - "Never shall I forget those flames that consumed my faith forever." - Elie Wiesel, 'Night'.

Ashley Ellis, Principal dancer with the Boston Ballet, shown in Jiří Kylián's Bella Figura

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Inspirational quote \ yoga \ asanas \ yoga mat "I will catch you if you fall"