Sword Art Online: Asuna and Kirito Swinging <3

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Sword art online

Deep Breaths

OML this scene made me cry so much. I think it was the first (of many) time I cried watching sao

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Poor Kirito he went through some dark times when he was in that game...

Poor Kirito he went threw some dark times when he was in that game (sword art online)

At the time, this broke my heart. Them feels.. <<<at the time? YOU MEAN EVERY TIME?! FEELS MAN!

Sao: Yui saying bye to kirito and Asuna Day saddest anime scene

Sword Art Online, Kirito and Asuna

"I'm not going to die . Because I'm the one who will protect you" - Yuki Asuna Sword art online SAO

🌟Kirito : Sword Art Online🌟 "When you open the swag box" xD♥

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