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Baillache Riana
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Little Hands, Big Work: letters

Little Hands, Big Work. A website with activities for developing early literacy skills. The activity pictured is easy and great for fine motor skills - peeling off the stickers and good for kids not excited to get their hands messy.


A paper plate pop up snowman is a fun winter craft for kids to make.

::Surroundings::: Tiny Houses mean creative living. Would make an awesome guest house or rental!!.

The Chic Technique: Elegant lofted bedroom suite - Villa Machiavelli, Tuscany, Italy. This is a dream-come-true loft for a tiny home. And check out the gorgeous lighting, too!

Lace your shoes! - Fine Motor Activity for Kids

Lace your shoes! - Fine Motor Activity for Kids This activity is great for young children to learn how the shoe laces work. It is easy to make, fun for kids and low cost. You can use real shoe too, but this tissue box makes it easier for young.