whole house interior paint colors (master bedroom, main bath, bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen and living room, powder room)

Sherwin Williams Master Bedroom - On the Rocks Main Bath - Nantucket Dune E's Bedroom - Versatile Gray Master Bathroom - Perfect Greige Kitchen/Dining Area - Gray Clouds Living Room/Foyer - Gray Clouds Powder Room - Copen Blue

street tones

lightest aqua in Master bedroom, with the darker teal as the bedding and accent color. The coral in the master bath with the lightest aqua as the accent color?

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colours of the earth . photo from NATURE'S HUES . color palette of grays an blues in ombré arrange bars print on top . a little confusing for image, but I luv the soothing colors contrashing with the frosty winter landscape .

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little boys for neutrals

When it comes to painting boys bedrooms, it can be hard to find a nice tone that will both match accessories and be grounding to the room. It’s all about finding those perfect neutral tones, …

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Color Way. This would be pretty in a room with mostly gray tones and a few pops of the teal.

Pale Blue, Dusty Green and Gray Color Palette. Great color scheme for a bedroom! For the master bedroom