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Yes, I'm on the highway to hell...

Yes, I'm on the highway to hell. [ "Yes, I'm on the highway to hell. [ \"Appearance Attorney On Call has attorneys to go to court for attorneys in all Sout


The middle pic is one of my favorite Olaf moments in Frozen. So cute, I can't stand it! (: "some people are just worth melting for" ♥♥♥


'People cry not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long.' That's how my burn out feels for me.

True that

So many people assume and think they know what life with Fibromyalgia is like, but what they think is usually extremely far from the reality of living with it. So few, that do not have this illness, will ever know the truth.

law school life

law school life Cherished this, The particular Beyond Bounds this is lovely.

Too Many of these moments in GEntrifried communities. New Yorker Lawyer Cartoon.

"Can we, just for a moment, Your Honor, ignore the facts?" - Cartoon Poster Print by Leo Cullum at the Condé Nast Collection