Apple Fritters

Apple Fritters- These were so easy, i think they might be my go-to potluck dessert! ( Gluten Free Flour works just as well for those concerned ) ********

Awesome FREE download: Thanksgiving planner with full menu & shopping list plus an hour-by-hour cooking and prep guide. (Love the "best Thanksgiving wines" suggestions too!)

Free Printable: 24 Page Thanksgiving Planner w/ Full Recipes

Free Printable Thanksgiving Menu: A 24 page pdf with full recipes, shopping lists, wine pairings and How-to sections on defrosting, brining, carving and making the perfect gravy. Woot- Thanksgiving is in the bag!


SFist asked Jerry James Stone (Cooking Stoned) to come up with a festive version of a muffin made with stuffing. The result? Cranberry-Sage Muffins that use brown butter and fresh cranberries.