"Sorry I've been a bad friend lately. I've been busy being an awesome hermit." Always feel like this after I've found an awesome series to read!

I think we all need this sometimes.

This Is My I Hate Everyone Today Shirt

This Is My I Hate Everyone Today Shirt – Thug Life Shirts.someone please buy me this shirt

What a jerk.

Seagulls don’t care…

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I did not get this lucky when I was in London... Guess I'll just have to go back. ;)

That's it I am moving to London!

I am moving to London ~ Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Andrew Scott (Moriarty), Benedict Cumerbatch (Sherlock), Bradley James (Arthur), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)

Best excuse ever not to do some shitty work or lame acitivities :) "That sounds really fun, but I'm going to be busy doing not that"- ecard.


Funny pictures about New Favorite Shirt Candidate. Oh, and cool pics about New Favorite Shirt Candidate. Also, New Favorite Shirt Candidate photos.

Just a tiny one.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: There are no skeletons in my closet. However, there is a tiny box of souls in my underwear drawer.

But seriously.

Funny Sports Ecard: Wish me luck in the Olympics. Just kidding. I'm on my fourth cupcake.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?  And people question my reluctance to touch...anything in public places.

What the shit is he looking for? If he didn't lose his keys then I can't see any reason to do this in public. For the loveofgod spare our eyes & get a room.


Do not read the next sentence.

Oh you rebel, you!) fraile fraile fraile Gomez-Cortazar Styles Phillips Phillips Phillips Phillips Larsen you know it.