spotlight / halo smokey eye in navy blue + gold | makeup @makenziewilder

Makeup Ideas: spotlight / halo smokey eye in navy blue gold makeup Makenzie Wilder.

Ridiculous christmas party favors filled with ingredients to make homemade peppermint cocoa!

Santa Cocoa Mix - Clear cake decorating bags filled with peppermint chips, hot chocolate mix & marshmallows. Insert a spoon dipped in chocolate for stirring then tie the bag. Glue a white pom pom, wiggle eyes, felt nose and mouth & with a cotton mustache.

HOLY CHICKEN POT PIE. I want this little nugget... basset hound, shar-pei mix.

A Ba-Shar (basset hound/shar pei mix). i have a basset hound and a shar-pei. both girls though, but this is so cute

Adoption, in love.

love the idea but would need a sleeping cooperative baby! :) Adoption, in love. the Gospel in a picture. I LOVE the adoption idea to tell her babies (since both are adopted) " you were not born through my body, but through my heart"

Eye Sex

Make Up For Ever - Brown Eyes - Dramatic eye makeup look - Bing Images - eyeshadow

Random lamp patterns in the wilderness. Cute!

Rune Guneriussen - an artists who assembles these dreamlike installations, photographs them, and then removes them. The images he captures are the only evidence of their existence.

Teddy Bear Dog! I needed this little darling!

Facts About the Teddy Bear Dog Breed That'll Make You Go Aww

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