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Ball® Canning Products

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The limited edition Purple Ball Heritage Collection Regular Mouth Pint Jars celebrate the 100th anniversary of the “IMPROVED” jar made by the Ball Brothers in 2015. #heritagecollection

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  • Jennifer Thissell
    Jennifer Thissell

    These are beautiful! Looking forward to using lots of them.

  • Erin N.
    Erin N.

    Beautiful! I've been waiting on the color reveal!

  • Bobbie Baker Bullard
    Bobbie Baker Bullard


Jarden’s new limited edition Purple Ball Heritage Collection Quart Jars are perfect for canning or crafting. #heritagecollection

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  • MaryAnn


  • Joy Sprouse
    Joy Sprouse

    Ship them my way hurry please!!!

  • Anna Pinkham
    Anna Pinkham


Jarden Home Brands is excited to introduce limited edition Purple Ball Heritage Collection Jars in both Pint and Quart Sizes! #heritagecollection

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  • Jessie Nicole
    Jessie Nicole

    Adrienne Capel

  • Ginger Queen
    Ginger Queen

    I love em

Ball®’s wide mouth mason jar infuser fits on any wide mouth mason jar, with a BPA-free hanging basket to infuse your favorite flavors into water, teas, juices and more.

Ball® Wide Mouth Jar Infuser by Ball® at Fresh Preserving Store
  • Dawn Johnson
    Dawn Johnson

    I love this !!!!

Ball® 24oz drinking jars are made with the same high quality glass as Ball® canning jars with the addition of a handle to make holding the jar easier.

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  • Carol Earnhardt
    Carol Earnhardt

    I have lots of these! They are much more durable than regular glasses. My kids don't break these.

  • Geri Lowery
    Geri Lowery

    I have a couple of these, they are awesome

  • charlotte lindsey
    charlotte lindsey

    I have some of these with lids and I love them. When I go somewhere i put my sweet tea in it and take it on the go anywhere with lids, no spills , they are great.

Ball® 16oz drinking jars are made with the same high quality glass as their canning jar, but with a handle to make it easier to hold. Perfect for smoothies and summer drinks! These jars are not recommended for home canning.

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Ball® 16oz drinking jars

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Ball® 16oz drinking jar – just like the canning jars, except with a convenient handle for sipping your favorite drinks

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Making your own jam is a true labor of love … unless you have a Ball® FreshTECH Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker!

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Ball® 16oz drinking jars – just like the canning jars, except with handles for easy sipping!

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Prepping your herbs just got easier with Ball's 5-blade herb scissors. The five blades slice herbs like basil, parsley, and cilantro, quickly and evenly.

Ball® 5-Blade Herb Scissors by Ball® at Fresh Preserving Store

Ball® Frozen Herb Starters

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Ball® Regular Mouth Ball Sip and Straw Lids - perfect for entertaining!

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Ball® 1 Gallon Decorative Jar

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5 ways to make water taste better - buy a water infuser

5 Ways to Make Water Taste Better (So You'll Drink More of It)
  • Danielle Burrows Reed
    Danielle Burrows Reed


Enter to win a $500 gift card to Ace Hardware and a case of the gorgeous new Spring Green Heritage Collection Jars! #contest #heritagecollection

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Ever let a batch of beautiful herbs go to waste because you couldn't use it before it turned? Our NEW Ball Frozen Herb Starter trays will help you preserve those delicious herbs and keep them tasting fresh.

Ball® Frozen Herb Starters by Ball® at Fresh Preserving Store

Introducing the Ball® Mason Jar Sip & Straw Lids! The BPA free plastic lids fit perfectly on Ball® Regular or Wide Mouth mason jars so you can enjoy your favorite cold drinks, smoothies or summer tea.

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  • CurtisandAmanda Fields
    CurtisandAmanda Fields

    Got mine tonight. I'm obsessed !

  • Racheal David
    Racheal David

    Love mine!

The Ball® Brand Secure-Grip Jar Lifter is designed for lifting jars with confidence and with minimal effort. Handles are ergonomically designed for comfort. The spring hinge improves strength and pops open automatically. Molded grip increases contact surface versus other jar lifters.

Ball® "Secure-Grip" Jar Lifter 8.4-in at Fresh Preserving Store
  • Rachael Ruelas
    Rachael Ruelas

    This is my favorite canning tool. I used to try to pull jars out with regular tongs - scary and dangerous. The jar grippers changed my canning life!

Ball's Home Canning Rack is a strong, durable steel rack – with chrome plating to resist corrosion. Superior design fits Ball jars of any size – small jars no longer fall out and seven quart-size jars fit easily.

Ball® Home Canning Rack 11.9-in at Fresh Preserving Store

This Ball® wide-mouth funnel is heat resistant to help you safely and easily fill jars to the appropriate headspace. It is designed to fit regular-mouth and wide-mouth jars.

Ball® Wide Mouth Funnel 5-in by Ball® at Fresh Preserving Store

The Ball® Brand Collapsible Funnel accommodates all jar sizes and fits in your drawer!

Ball® Collapsible Funnel by Ball® at Fresh Preserving Store
  • Carol Hodson
    Carol Hodson

    I have this funnel. It has a large bowl and fits snugly in s jars.

Remove labels with ease with the Ball® Brand Dissolvable Labels

Ball® Dissolvable Labels 60-pc by Ball® at Fresh Preserving Store
  • Cheri Morris McDonough
    Cheri Morris McDonough

    I absolutely LOVE these labels and use them all the time. I would love if you could make them on sheets that can go through a printer. Also would like to see round ones that can go on top of jars and be printed on my printer.

Treat your family to delectable fresh fruit preserves and spreads at any time with the Ball FreshTECH Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker.

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Protect your hands hand handle those hot, wet and slippery jars with more confidence with Ball's Secure-Grip Hot Jar Handler.

Ball® Secure-Grip
  • Jessica Hagensick
    Jessica Hagensick

    I have one and its wonderfull! Dont know how i ever canned without it!

  • Anna Pinkham
    Anna Pinkham