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    She's known for making millions laugh every week, but off camera, Kaley Cuoco Sweeting stars in one of Hollywood's most enduring love stories. (Award-winning actress and animal advocate with her rescue pup and leading man, Norman. Photography by Leo Howard Lubow) #pitbull #pitbulls #rescue #adopt #bigbangtheory #actress #advocate #dog

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    On the court, Ryan Sweeting is all about Game, Set, Match, but at home it's Love All. (Ryan Sweeting, professional tennis player -and husband to actress Kaley Cuoco Sweeting- with Shirley, one of their three rescue furbabies. Photography by Leo Howard Lubow.) #pitbull #dog #rescue #adopt

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    Animal Rescue Corps rescues dogs from suspected dog fighting ring

    'Dog Whisperer' fireman saves another pup. Loki is fourth dog firefighter has saved by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Loki the dog (Photo by Chris Cummings)

    'Dog Whisperer' fireman saves another pup

    The scene pictured above was captured by Charlotte Observer photographer Patrick Schneider during a house fire in July 1999 and shows firefighter Jeff Clark receiving a doggie greeting from a pregnant red Doberman named Cinnamon. According to Clark, he didn't do anything special to save the dog - she escaped the burning house on her own - and the encounter was pure chance. Gratitude

    Friends, Dog and firefighter, Black and White Fine Art Photograph, photojournalism by jworne on Etsy

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    Carver, Mass., police officer dives into a lake to rescue a dog trapped in a submerged truck. Everyone's okay: officer, dog and owner. Would you do the same?

    Police Officer Dives Into Lake To Rescue Dog From Submerged Truck

    Major was paralyzed in the line of duty as a K-9 officer and adopted by his family afterwards.

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    Officer adopts homeless dog, what a joyful ending for one of the most misunderstood dog breeds. Good for him. They are only as mean as YOU make them.

    A Georgia police officer's touching dog rescue

    Cleveland Policeman adopts abused dog after rescuing him from his abuser.

    Police Officer Adopts Abused Dog He Rescued

    A policeman rescued a puppy then adopted him.

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    Policeman's best friend: PC Lee Webb with Kos, the first Staffordshire bull terrier cross police dog. Maybe we all are making a difference!?

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    Awww!!!!!! This makes me tear up. Lokk at the kitty scared.

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    Hidden Camera Proves The True Nature Of Pit Bulls. Must See.

    Hidden Camera Proves The True Nature Of Pit Bulls. Must See.

    here are five reasons for dog lovers to heart Jon Stewart and his show: 1. He's a huge pit bull advocate 2. He married a vet tech! 3. Behind the scenes, The Daily Show is a dog-friendly workplace 4. Jon had some choice words for a certain NFL dogfighter 5. He has great choice in guests!

    Five Reasons Dog Lovers Should Heart Jon Stewart

    'Match made in heaven': Elderly nuns adopt aging pit bull -

    'Match made in heaven': Elderly nuns adopt aging pit bull

    Protecting Pit Bulls: Learn about the passionate organization working to stop the violence against these gentle companions for good.

    Protecting Pit Bulls

    ABBY THE HERO DOG~Joe Andrews was resting in his house in Ionia, MI & unaware a deadly fire was spreading on the front porch. 1 neighbor was keenly aware of the deadly flames & she summoned help. Abby's a pit bull & belongs to Vernon Lile, Joe Andrews' neighbor. She's never barked like that before! I came out & the porch was on fire. Abby's barking saved Andrews & other residents. Pit bulls get a lot of bad press, but if it wasn't for Abby, I wouldn't have come outside." ANOTHER PIT BULL HERO!

    Michigan pit bull saves neighbors from house fire

    Josh Hutcherson adopted a pit bull today

    Josh Hutcherson Adopts A Puppy

    I just think they are beautiful animals.....

    This Ad Campaign Will Make You A Pit Bull Person. Seriously.

    NYPD Rescues 47 Pit Bulls from Dogfighting Ring - Thank you NYPD!

    NYPD Rescues 47 Pit Bulls from Dogfighting Ring

    Amazing story of 26 rescued dogs from fighting ring in Florida (Photos) RESCUE & ADOPTIONFEBRUARY 22, 2013

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    They also love to cuddle. | 37 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Pit Bulls

    37 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Pit Bulls

    Kaley Cuoco aka "Penny" is a loving a devoted pit bull advocate. Love Penny even more now!

    Celebrity Pit Bulls!

    Towpath- #rescued #pitbull #survivor #rescued

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