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Front Doors

Front doors are THE focal point of most of our homes. When choosing your front door colors, you should also consider other areas that are nearby. The trim is as important to your overall décor as the front door itself. If you want to create the impression of a bigger space, you can paint the trim the same color as the door. However, should you desire to highlight the trim in a more contemporary way, you can use darker shades than the ones used for the door.
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Italian door with a story to tell: Years ago, when one of the owners of a home passed away, his or her death was recorded with a black line painted across the door. When the spouse also passed away, another line was painted. That the two lines are touching on this door means that the passing of the owners occurred at the same time. Credit:


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Ten Best Front Door Colours for your House

10 Best Front Door Colors! Sherwin Williams colors 1: SW 6383 Golden Rule | 2: SW 6994 Greenblack | 3: SW 6342 Spicy Hue | 4:SW 6545 Majestic Purple | 5: SW 6538 Dignified | 6: SW 6006 Black Bean | 7. SW 6321 Red Bay | 8: SW 7060 Attitude Gray | 9:SW 6552 Dewberry | 10: SW 6300 Burgundy. My CertaPro Painters has used almost all of them over the past few years. (Never thought I would see another Dewberry door!)


Ten Best Front Door Colours for your House | Maria Killam

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Old doors being fashioned into benches with coat hooks.


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Super cute. I have 2 doors, maybe Mr and Mrs Claus?


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purple door


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♥ the doors!


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ooohhhh... sliding barn door


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Love that high gloss? We can do that!


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Trellised roses over garage doors: CertaPro Painters Baltimore had a customer whose arbor was hinged from the ground, so it could be pulled forward and down for the crew to paint. This also prevented the climbing plants' tendrils from being right next to the home and damaging the surface. (I thought that was a brilliant idea!) Pictures of our project available at:


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A cheerful orange door, particularly sharp next to light gray siding and white trim. This one says "A fun person will be found inside!"


Colorful Front Doors - Cathy Green Interiors