Usos alternativos para el cubo de Rubik, ¡1, 2, 3 responda otra vez!

Funny pictures about Rubik's Cubism. Oh, and cool pics about Rubik's Cubism. Also, Rubik's Cubism photos.

Final Fantasy - So true

The Life of a Final Fantasy IX Innkeeper. This is what happens when you invite a thief to stay with you

Dude, I wasn't that drunk...

blame alcohol - Ownage - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED


Funny pictures about The hardest decision. Oh, and cool pics about The hardest decision. Also, The hardest decision photos.

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Will and Guy's funny duck pictures. Yellow ducks, black ducks and naturally, ducklings. Look out for the yellow ducks race, also the dog and duck picture.