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    Why Didn't I Think of That

    Why Didn't I Think of That

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    I fall into the TV/movie trap all the time...this list has great ideas of how to switch up your nights with friends/your boo :)

    50 things to do (other than movies) - What You Make It

    Clean your front loader!! Takes away the mildew smell. I had known the 2nd part of this process not the first. I went & did it immediately. Very cool to know for my front loader!

    How to Empty and Clean Out Your Washer’s Drain Pump Filter

    12 Car Hacks to Get You Through Winter

    13 Car Hacks to Get You Through the Winter - One Crazy House

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    Fallen off the frugality wagon and need to get back on? Here are 21 really great practical tips to help you get back at it and start saving money. Great Motivation!

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    coat closet. I feel like this is a "duh" moment for me

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    10 Paint Secrets (PART THREE!): what you never knew about paint. This is GREAT!

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    should have thought of this instead of rearranging the entire laundry room to make space for the cans!

    tinkerwiththis: organize it pretty

    well why didn't i think of that?!

    If you are feeling lazy…

    55 Genius Storage Inventions That Will Simplify Your Life -- A ton of awesome organization ideas for the home (car too!). A lot of these are really clever storage solutions for small spaces.

    55 Genius Storage Inventions That Will Simplify Your Life - Page 4 of 56 - Listotic

    Finding a side job is a great way to supplement your income in your spare time. Find out about these legit online side jobs to start making money today!

    5 Legit Online Side Jobs to Make Money - Frugal Fanatic

    Effective Home Remedies For Ingrown Toenails - A doctor taught me this years ago - it works beautifully!

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    Deep Cleaning - So happy I didn't have to create this list myself... It is a GREAT list!

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    Sexual Abuse happens across the country, but did you know that victims of sexual abuse are 26 more likely to Abuse Drugs and Substances. This fact and many other can be seen on our amazing infographic. It covers the four types of sexual abuse, statistics for both males and females sexual abuse victims, and common examples of what is considered sexual abuse.

    Types of Sexual Abuse |

    How to Tell if a Betta Fish Is Sick: 10 Steps For your next fishy baby Bailey Pridmore

    How to Tell if a Betta Fish Is Sick


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    Toothpick dispenser for q-tips.

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    For power outages: use solar yard lights as night lights indoors. Safer for kids than candles and they last a long time!

    Ever Never Again: Be Prepared!

    Can't wait for butter to soften? Grate it.

    Good Taste: Coconut Tuile Cookies

    DUH. Why didn't I think of that?! - Command Hooks + Wire Basket = additional storage under the sink.

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    Pit Cherries – Save Time

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    Keep your Cookies Soft and Chewy

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    Pasta Spinner

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    Prevent Taco Shell From Breaking

    Prevent Taco Shell From Breaking | LifeTricks