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Hair color ideas

Hair color ideas

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dipped hairstyle


  • Karen Corbett
    Karen Corbett

    Hmmm, I wonder??

  • Angeleah

    This is my work! It is fab, isn't it? Thanks!! Check this photo out on my site under On Set and Commercial Styling @

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    Excellent Hairstyles

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  • Caterina Viola
    Caterina Viola

    What color did you use?

  • Angeleah


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Medium-length hair cuts.

Neon pink highlights in blonde hair

Blonde and Neon Pink - Hair Colors Ideas

underneath highlights

  • Jane Howard
    Jane Howard

    I have been trying to figure out what new thing I can do to my hair to spice it up a little. I think putting some color into it is really going to help out. I like how these colors are underneath, I think that is a good look.

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    Excellent Hairstyles

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Awesome fall/winter highlights.

bob, highlights

Love the color

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    Excellent Hairstyles

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  • Diana Ross
    Diana Ross

    Paige Wooten

  • Natalie Nobles
    Natalie Nobles


  • Dery Rodriguez
    Dery Rodriguez

    Love it! It's that 3 colors I your hair? If so what are the colors? And how can I achieve that look.

dark hair

Grape. Love this, but don't have the guts to do it to my hair

  • Rita Ferguson
    Rita Ferguson

    Gorgeous but I don't think I would be brave enough either

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    Excellent Hairstyles

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  • Miriam Esquilin
    Miriam Esquilin

    I'm getting this done right now I'm A little scared

Long hair styles

Revitalize Your Look: 20 Long Hairstyles for Spring
  • Iveta Billam
    Iveta Billam

    This would suit my daughter so much!!!

#Lacewigsbuy #Hairstyles #Wigs #Fashion #Beauty #Hair #Makeup #iziwig

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    Excellent Hairstyles

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  • Carol Book-Boxwell
    Carol Book-Boxwell

    I still don't know the color! Ok, I'll try the link above.

  • Jessica ☼
    Jessica ☼

    Its John Frieda Precision Foam in Radiant Red - 4R (Dark Red Brown). Here is a link to John Frieda's website with more info!

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pink & purple hair chalk

red hair

Tips and Tricks for Achieving the Perfect Cat Eye Makeup


Brunette and caramel then add some red...

  • Sharon Denton
    Sharon Denton


low & highlights.

Chocolate and Caramel highlights. loveee

hair color

  • Susan Barrett
    Susan Barrett

    Love it

Added By Jocelyn Fisher. Highlighted Hair @BLOOM.COM

Pravana Wild Orchid color

Pravana Unleashes a Torrent of Radiance with Wild Orchids
  • InStyle-Decor Hollywood
    InStyle-Decor Hollywood

    love it

  • Samantha Foster
    Samantha Foster

    That would be sweet!

  • Carol Book-Boxwell
    Carol Book-Boxwell

    Gorgeous! Ahhhhh if only I was young and beautiful like her I would do this in a minute.

  • Olivia Jensen
    Olivia Jensen

    omg dis is awesome

brown hair with red highlights

What's the Craziest Color You've Dyed Your Hair?

honey brown hair

  • Karen Crawford Ragsdale
    Karen Crawford Ragsdale

    Pretty ! For ME ???

  • Heather Ragsdale
    Heather Ragsdale

    Yes! Karen Crawford Ragsdale

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    Excellent Hairstyles

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blonde highlights

The Funniest Site Ever
  • Kelley Chong
    Kelley Chong

    Man she's really showin her age. Needs more surgery

Hot Pink and Black

  • Cheryl Holterman
    Cheryl Holterman


  • ♡ CocO♡
    ♡ CocO♡

    nice pink

  • Olivia Jensen
    Olivia Jensen