This board showcases our love for table settings. We love to mix & match. We love blue ceramics and old ceramics (we have been collecting blue ceramics for over…
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bambloo napkin season winter 21/22 color Petrol print branch Color, Borden, Old And New, Love Blue, Petrol, Table, Plates, Dishes, Table Decorations
Bambloo napkin color petrol
At BamblooHome we love setting the table and we love doing this with what we already have. We love browsing our own cupboards. Flowers from our garden, pumpkin bought on the market yesterday. The plate is an oldie and the pastels suit our new collection of napkins in the color petrol perfectly. 100% organic cotton and big enough to cover your lap. Table linen is a test. We have a few tablecloths made to see if the fabric keeps well. We love the color as its very light blue with atouch of green.
Bambloo Napkins terracotta season winter 21/22 Ceramics, Kerst, Anemone, Prints, Organic Cotton
Bambloo Terracotta napkins in two different prints Branch and Anemone
Bambloo Napkins Color Terracotta 100% organic cotton
Shopbambloo napkin servet organic cotton Breakfast, Foods, Nice, Cotton Napkins, Napkin, Serving Dishes, Lunch
Bambloo organic cotton napkins
Fairtrade napkins in four different prints and in ten bright colors. Nice and big, they cover your whole lap, and they absorb well, as thats why we need a napkin in the first place to absorb and yes napkins brighten up the dinner/lunch/breakfast table. One napkin can make all the difference to your table.
Shopbambloo napkin servet blue blauw keramiek ceramics Pink, Plate, Ceramic Pot, Cotton, Chinese Ceramics, Pot
Napkin Bambloo Bambams Pink
It's no secret we love blue at Bambloo. Here we combine our love for old blue ceramics with our pink napkins. Lange Lijs plate on cotton blue table linen and you see a touch of a Chinese ceramic pot.
ShopBambloo napkin servet turquoise plate bord schaal pink roze Pink Plates, Mixing Prints, Fork
Napkin Bambloo Branch Turquoise
At BamblooHome we love to mix & match. Mix old & new, mix colors & mix prints. An old colorful printed plate and light blue fork on new pink plate/servingdish with a new napkin. New items for sale in ShopBambloo.