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Natural Bamboo Aviaries

Flight cages for small birds

Natural Bamboo Aviaries

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This bamboo aviary provides perfect form and function. We see the water bowl down inside where birds drink and bath. The bamboo fence around keeps water from splashing out during bathing while keeping the wood chips dry. It also keeps wood chips from invading the water system.

Birds are at home in this natural bamboo flight cage. They get very comfortable in this aviary especially in the summer when green plants are readily available to fill the space. You can open the door, they keep their distance as it's a safe place for any bird. The water feature is shown in the far corner, used for drinking and bathing.

All natural bamboo flight cage shown at night with recess LED lighting. You can dim the lights in this aviary during night hours for a pretty cool effect.

In this pic we see natural tree branches filling the bamboo aviary. The leaves are foods for some and nesting materials for others. You will notice regardless of bread, all your birds in a comfort zone. In fact it's pretty hard to get them to fly out.

Little bird perched on bamboo spout above water feature waiting to bath in the water below.