Storefront Paris

Hidden Paris

What a lovely website - their photos of "hidden Paris" are amazing - Paris Photography Walking Tour. Site has GPS locations for every photo on the tour so you can find them yourself for free!


The prettiest lavender color wooden door! I love the door knocker too.

Colorful San Ysidro Ranch Rehearsal Dinner - Once Wed

Science experiment. With sugar and water to see what colors ants prefer.  Also, look at their bellies to see what color of sugar water they are drinking.

Colorful ants

Mohamed Babu from India, captured these amazing pictures last year after his wife noticed that ants turned white when they drank milk. He dissolved sugar in food colouring solutions of red, green,.

Taking Halloween Pictures, photo ideas for babies, toddlers, and teens with candy corn, pumpkins, and paint!:

Halloween and Pumpkin Photography Ideas

LOVE THE CINDERELLA COACH! 23 Halloween and Pumpkin photography ideas for taking creative pictures with candy corns and pumpkins.

vintagepiken: a scoop of roses

Fancy making some floral art? These rose ice cream cones are a great idea for table decorations! - Gardening Go