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MJ-132; A Pair of Red and Silver Earrings- Red Hearts and Beads with Silver Findings and Beads - Silver French Wire Backs
MJ-131; A Pair of Pink and Silver Earrings-Assorted Beads Stacked Together to Create a Unique Look with French wires for Pierced Ears

My Jewelry Designs

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This is a roll of four yards of yellow daisy ribbon. I am not sure what the fabric is, however it has a felt feel to it. Each daisy is approximately 1 1/2 in width and height. This would be such a cute addition to many crafts. Remember, I only charge one flat fee of $4.99, no matter how many items are ordered at one time. So, buy more and save on shipping. Thank you!

Ribbon and Lace

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PM-121; Embossed (3-D) English Scrap of Marjolein Bastin's Illustrations of Miss Mouse Vera

Paper Items

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CP-111; Mini Mix of Pink, Light Yellow, and Gold. A Yard of Ribbon, Assorted Beads and Embellishments
CP-110; Mini Mix of Greens, Oranges, and Gold. Yards of Ribbon, Assorted Beads and Embellishments
CP-109; Mini Mix of Turquoise and Silver Colors of Buttons, Beads, Ribbon, and Fun Sequins

Crafting Assortments

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MM-123; A Gorgeous Assortment (7+) of Crosses in a Variety of Materials and Sizes- Pearls, Faceted Glass, Rhinestones, Stone,  Metal


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ST-105, $4.25, Cute Colorful Assortment of 3-D Kitty and Dog


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Avon Sunsations Necklace
the box is filled with lots of different types of binders
four charms with musical notes on them in a card board packaging for charmlegg
three black pearls are in the package
Bracelet Builders
the word love spelled out with cork
Cork Lettering- assorted words Earrings, Monet Earrings, Gold
Earrings by Monet
cross charms in various sizes and shapes on a white surface
Small crosses Neckace, Chunky, Active
Chunky Neckace Snake Necklace
Articulated Snake Necklace
Earrings by Monet
an embroidered floral design on white fabric with pink and yellow flowers, leaves and vines
Embroidered Ribbon 1980s, Jewelry Necklaces, Quality Necklaces, Strand Necklace, 1990s
an old book is sitting on a table next to a ruler and some paper with writing