Duncan Carson

Duncan Carson

Nuts about cycling, nature, classic science fiction (especially Philip K. Dick) and T-shirts. Designer of most of the tees at Ban T-shirts.
Duncan Carson
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Organic Cotton T-shirt: Relax Gringo

For customers who live in Arizona and elsewhere who may find themselves subject to unwanted questioning by the police, Ban T-shirts has invented this efficient time-saving device… Photos b…

Organic Cotton T-shirt: Fuck Trump

So you want an anti-Trump shirt but you don’t want either his face or his name on your chest. We’ve delivered the T-shirt for you right here.

Organic Cotton T-shirt: Make America Grate Again

Make America Grate Again. Oh God, there is a misogynistic, racist, narcissistic orange man in the White House.

Build Bridges Not Walls Organic Cotton T-shirts

The world is getting smaller (metaphorically speaking obviously, not literally), we have to get to know each other, understand each other and learn to see what we have in common. Donald Trump wants…

Bad Hombre: Hemp & Organic Cotton T-shirt

According to Donald Trump there are a lot of “bad hombres” out there. Well screw Donald Trump and his offensive attempts to slander Latinos! The biggest and most dangerous bad man out t…

44>45: Organic Cotton/RPET T-shirt

More eloquent, more erudite. Much much smarter. More sophisticated. More loyal. More diplomatic. More gracious. More patriotic. More presidential.

Organic Cotton T-shirt: Bycatch is Ecocide

bycatch is ecocide ocean blue T-shirt

Hemp T-shirt: There is no planet B

There is no planet B, there is no backup plan and there’s no backup planet. Wear this tee and help spread the message about global…

Human Being. Not in danger of extinction?

Human Being Organic Cotton T-shirt. Printed on eco-friendly organic cotton T-shirts.

We are made from Mother Earth and we go back to Mother Earth.

Mother Earth American Buffalo Skull T-shirt.


A comfortable garment suitable for relaxing on Villa Straylight. T-shirt inspired by William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer.

Hey there are times when we could all do with a little Ubik. Thank you Philip K Dick.

Organic Cotton T-shirt: Ubik

Read Chomsky. Listen to Rooftop Revolutionaries. Wear Ban T-shirts. Hey, if you can't do all three at least do one!

Listen to Rooftop Revolutionaries. Wear Ban T-shirts.