Have fun after dark with these crazy cool glow stick hacks and activities.

One Crazy House

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Brilliant ways to keep kids active - with stuck inside games

Kids Activities Blog

30+ Stuck Inside Games for Kids - Kids Activities Blog


100 fun ideas!!


screen free week kids activities


Make your own aqua sand- this stuff is SO COOL! The sand is waterproof and reacts to liquid in such a unique way, allowing kids to build amazing underwater castles and sculptures.

Homemade Aqua Sand Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose


The Ultimate no spend or low spend Bored Jar Activity List - not a big fan of most of the. Activities but love the idea

Mum In The Madhouse

The Ultimate No Spend or Low Spend Bored Jar list - Mum In The Madhouse


20 fun crafts and activities your kids will love - great for keeping them busy and happy this summer!

It's Always Autumn

20 best indoor kid crafts and activities


Scavenger Hunts

No Time For Flash Cards

10 Indoor Scavenger Hunts For Kids - No Time For Flash Cards


Love this list of outdoor activities for kids! Can't wait to try #3.

A Mom with a Lesson Plan

10 Incredible Outdoor Activities that will Get Kids Moving


Build a chain reaction with popsicle or craft sticks. Good rainy day indoor #kids #activity

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Spray Chalk Kid’s Activity ~ This fun activity only takes a few minutes to make and washes off!

Clever Pink Pirate
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Best EVER Carnival Party Game Ideas! {Ring Toss, Fish Pond, Spill the Milk, More...}

tHe fiCkLe piCkLe: We had a PaRtY!


Tween boys (age 9-12ish) can be a tough group to please. This post is FULL of ideas that kids this age might like to do - great ways to get beyond the screens and get active and busy!

Frugal Fun For Boys

20+ Unplugged Activities for Tween Age Boys - Frugal Fun For Boys


Playing Corners - active game for practicing colors, letters, shapes, or numbers!

The Pleasantest Thing

How To Play Corners - The Pleasantest Thing


Summer fun - knock ping pong balls off golf tees with water guns

Cowboy Week Part 4: Target Practice


Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail (FSPDT): Rainy Day Activities for the Kids {kids co-op 2-13}

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Cute Super Bowl commercial bingo!

Style Me Pretty
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To make CRACKLE Foam you will need: Shaving Cream  Pop Rocks Optional- liquid watercolors or food coloring for added color (we didn't use any this time)

Crackle Foam Sensory Play ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose


Funnels, Tubes, and Salt - Oh My! from Fun at Home with Kids

Fun at Home with Kids

Funnels, Tubes, and Salt - Oh My!


Have fun and explore textures with this easy and fun sticky window play idea for kids.

No Time For Flash Cards

Quick & Easy Pompom Play - No Time For Flash Cards


Clear contact paper with the sticky side out, taped to a window. Anything sticks... fun for a rainy day. Use on a light box, too!!

A Little Learning For Two: Sticky Window Art


Exploding treasure chests - pirate science, preschool pirate theme, kindergarten pirate theme, pirate science with kids, kids pirate science


Pirate Science FUN: Exploding Treasure Chests - Fun-A-Day!


Who didn't want to be on Double dare a a kid? I know I did! These OOZING SLIME Baskets are a super fun way to get messy. Go, ahead, it's ok, get SLIMED!

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10 things to do (with kids) when you're stuck inside


Creative Family Fun: 10 Things To Do When You're Stuck Indoors


25 ways to keep your kids busy - without television It's always nice to have extra ideas in your arsenal for those days when you just can't of anything fun to do.

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