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sunglasses,sunnies. ray^ban will always have an option just for you! love them and got them!!! lol

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a summer delight! they all look pretty! A cheerful mood.

The Newlywed Game, with Bob Eubanks as host featured teams of competing newlyweds. Watched this with my mom during the summer at lunchtime. Unfortunately she had to leave before the finale so she could get back to work on time.

for sale sunglasses. our annual sunglasses sale continues!  Offer is subject to availability.

25 000 Pyramid game show - One of my faves

check out how hot these vintage sunglasses were on keith richards in the 1960's.  Easy to use and great value too. how can you enjoy your summer without a pair of oakley and ray^ban sunglasses?

Another favorite game show of mine was Pyramid! It is a television game show…