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Bắp Zang Bơ
Bắp Zang Bơ

Bắp Zang Bơ

ngoảnh mặt làm ngơ, bơ đi mà sống

Đệ ruột của anh Tạ Biên Cương đây mà

tặng chị em glink tiếp @Quyên Blue Vo Xjnh Dep

cái này bán ở đâu nhể

với $20 anh có thể giúp chú bắt được 200 bướm trong 1 chuyến bay

That pesky Banksy. Photo by Hookedblog, via Flickr

Rheumatoid Arthritis carried that baggage into the twentieth century when articles were published about such things as a “rheumatoid personality.” Patients who suffered from RA’s cruel and unpredictable symptoms tended to remain extremely private about RA symptoms. RA also remained a mystery to science as one researcher said last year at ACR, “We still don’t know what RA is.”

Ideas for adding natural elements to your outdoor play space – Part 1 | The BODY SMART Blog

From Tadao Cern's "Blow Job" series. No one is cute in a wind tunnel. No one.

Monty Python

this is what love does to your brain...

How to Prevent Sunburns