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Obama 2012 in action

Obama 2012 in action

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If you’ve got the President’s back, let him know.


    Nothing good on Fox 'news' channel?

  • Livy Poventud
    Livy Poventud

    Lol i didnt mean ...she used to be black haha.

  • Livy Poventud
    Livy Poventud

    No i mean we dont talk much anymore because of school. But thnks :)


    I'm happy to know you're not racist. Seriously:)


    LOL! Really, Livy? Your friend '...used to be black' and WE don't get it?!? Awesome.

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The Road to November 6th—two weeks until Election Day edition

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara

    All is about love and unity

  • George Ofwona
    George Ofwona

    Thanks a lot Glenda for the "HIGHLIGHT:,Happy OBAMA Day to you too :-)

  • Glenda Kay Yancey
    Glenda Kay Yancey

    Lauren- First, the unemployment rate tanked due to the economy which Bush ruined. It takes a long time to bounce back from that, but we're on our way. Second, the unemployment rate has no bearing on whether or not you can get married, so quit making excuses. Third, if you can waste time on Pinterest I bet there's a job that can accommodate your disability. Fourth- Happy Obama Day!

  • George Ofwona
    George Ofwona

    No Lauren 4 years of Production OBAMA's taking AMERICA to another level sit back relax & watch the action ! We love you PRESIDENT OBAMA

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Are You In? — Barack Obama
  • Joann Schaefer
    Joann Schaefer

    Do not give that

  • Joann Schaefer
    Joann Schaefer


  • Dany'e Michel Doucette
    Dany'e Michel Doucette

    Go Team President Obama!!!

  • Niteowl009

    That's What I'm Talking About! 4 More Years, Mr. President!

  • Johnice Reid-English
    Johnice Reid-English

    There is no one more suited to sit in that seat! I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President!

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Help close the gap—pitch in now, and ask a friend to do the same: OFA.BO/MncqrX

Give Barack five: OFA.BO/Q1eSKm

A high-five for President Obama
  • Phoebe Jenner
    Phoebe Jenner

    Plz follow me

  • Phoebe Jenner
    Phoebe Jenner

    I love u! USA is EPIC love it there!

A message from the First Lady on the impact one person can have on this campaign. Get started here: OFA.BO/i7RPBC

  • Janice Sweeney
    Janice Sweeney

    My name is jan Sweeney, mother of 6' all Democrats. My husband and I will be voting for Obama again. I will making calls and I'm bringing a friend who also will be making calls and voting for barackobama. Love you guys. Jan

  • Ayisha Sydnor
    Ayisha Sydnor

    It takes one! ^_^

  • ღKita Bღ
    ღKita Bღ

    I love everything about The !st Family! Obama 2012 11/07...

Respect. Empower. Include. Win.

Now that's a yard sign

  • Johnice Reid-English
    Johnice Reid-English

    Forget the media, WINsconsin states the truth! Ther is nothing like the citizen response for true support! Smiles... 4MoreYears GO Wisconsin!

  • Colleen Shimkoski
    Colleen Shimkoski

    I want one for the side of my barn!

  • Taylor Made Originals♥
    Taylor Made Originals♥

    Great Sign

  • OFA - Region 6 Volunteers
    OFA - Region 6 Volunteers

    Love it, OFA_Wisconsin!

  • Kirsten Gylling Kyø
    Kirsten Gylling Kyø

    The World sign...

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“We draw strength from every part of our American family. Every color, every creed, every background, every belief.” OFA.BO/Hme9eL

Organizing for Action
  • ReNee

    Damn straight we do. ;)

  • Sabrina Shrock
    Sabrina Shrock

    yes we do.

  • Makiko Felice
    Makiko Felice

    We still believe in you!!!

For our daughters and our sons alike

  • Janice Sweeney
    Janice Sweeney

    I do too. Let's make happen.

  • Johnice Reid-English
    Johnice Reid-English

    4MoreYears! I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President!

  • Janice Sweeney
    Janice Sweeney

    Now I hope you understand what I meant, I guess I would still say it for it is a true statement. People can believe anything they want,this is U.S A.

  • Anita Callaert
    Anita Callaert

    no...don't be rude. please read what you wrote and imagine how it sounds to other people everywhere.

  • Janice Sweeney
    Janice Sweeney

    Look it up, research, huh.

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President Obama's message to the small towns and rural communities driving America's economic recovery


    Thank you so much for helping low income, you are the best president ever in history of America .

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara

    Forward ever Backward never.

Happy Fourth

  • Sharon Cramer
    Sharon Cramer

    I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would wat the job of President, but thanks for taking it. Your heart is in the right place. happy 4th

  • Sarah A.
    Sarah A.

    God bless America and the Obama family!

Share what today’s ruling means to you: OFA.BO/eV4KyH

  • Howie

    Might get coverage down the road but the real question is could you really afford this? You all need to really read the fine print to this an if you can't understand it, get someone in the legal profession to explain it to you..

  • Stacey Burke
    Stacey Burke

    I cried when the ruling came down. I was so happy! Its time that America finally have a health care law and Obama did it!

  • Jen Neumann
    Jen Neumann

    @Marian Hawken - my son has autism as well as some other mental health issues and his meds are as expensive. I'm just happy we'll be able to keep him on our insurance until he's 26, and then we will be able to get him insured despite his pre-existing condition.

  • G Smith
    G Smith

    After almost 100 years...The USA has decided and taken action on making health care a right for all and not a privilege for a well providing a means to pay for it....Well done, Mr.President...well done

  • Jayme Gordon
    Jayme Gordon

    I almost cried when I heard this passed-I am s happy. I used to be a republican but after seeing them be such morons lately, no thanks. Obama, I like what you're doing. Let's see more of this and start making America great again.

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A family issue


    Steve: Do you really look like your picture? Grow up!!!!

  • Trent F
    Trent F

    OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"He’s got her vote."

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara

    oh yea that is really nice


    She is sooo typical of what is going on now. So sad! It is like Darlene lives on another planet and does "not" know what is really going on!!!!

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara

    ha ha that is true

  • Michele Mallette-Sherman
    Michele Mallette-Sherman

    Thanks, Darlene, for proving, once again, the caliber of people who despise our President. Vomit would have been much more lady-like.

  • Darlene Giarraputo Mercurio
    Darlene Giarraputo Mercurio

    Obama makes me want to puke!

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Your vote could make all the difference: OFA.BO/UdfpY9

  • Jimmy Edge
    Jimmy Edge

    The only true Equality in this country is that we all have a vote. Let's cast that vote and make it stand for EQULITY!

  • Monika Adams
    Monika Adams

    If you have an opinion, you have better be voting! It is one of our greatest freedoms!

If you’re a woman for Obama, make sure everybody knows it. Just tell us where to send your free bumper sticker: OFA.BO/AK9LuS

  • Sheri McFarland
    Sheri McFarland

    PA WOMEN FOR OBAMA 2012 !!!!!!!

  • Awesome Avon
    Awesome Avon

    Hi Preethi, Please connect with me on Facebook. ! Would love to share more with you..

  • Awesome Avon
    Awesome Avon

    Hi Preethi, thanks for asking. Actually this will support the President's campaign, and they will send you the sticker. They sent me 3 of them!!! Hope you're able to donate $5. If you can't, then don't worry....and VOTE!!!

  • Preethi Varma
    Preethi Varma

    Where can we get our free sticker? I went to the obama store website and its 5 bucks. lol I really don't want to pay 5 bucks for a sticker

  • Susan Greer
    Susan Greer

    I've already got mine POTUS!!! We love you! Don't let the GOP discourage you...Keep up the good fight for fairness! I support you 100%! Love you :)

Stand up with President Obama: OFA.BO/ywZDsm

Stand up with President Obama
  • MagicalEarth

    This country was founded on equality for all. Love is precious. I can't imagine how much pain it must cause LGBT couples not to be able to make the religious commitment of marriage as if they are second class citizens. Thank you Mr. President for your courage.

  • Nikki'Barb McNic
    Nikki'Barb McNic

    God is working through you to help our country follow in his footsteps! To help them treat others as they would like to be treated! To love thy neighbor! God loves all of his children...thank you President Obama!

  • Elizabeth Breakey
    Elizabeth Breakey

    I think it is crazy to think that this was done to help with his election... In any way, it will most likely do the opposite. But I am incredbily proud that he is my president and stand with him.

  • Liz Mendez-Evans
    Liz Mendez-Evans

    Stephanie Walker - I completely agree! Rhetoric or not these words were finally said by a sitting President, which means a great deal, not only because no other President or Presidential candidate for that matter has ever taken the initiative to even suggest a stance on equality, but because it opens the door for other leaders to follow, for others to re-evaluate their negative views and for policies to begin to change. He might be the President, but lets not forget he can't make all the policy changes he wants, if he were a dictator yes, but he isn't, and because of that he has to compromise with the hundreds of other politicians who have a say on policy and the constituents that keep voting for them.

  • Stephanie Walker
    Stephanie Walker

    For my family this goes way beyond "pandering for votes" or "rhetoric." Reducing it to merely that is extremely shortsighted. Going against the status quo in favor of what is right takes courage and class, even if they are only words. But then again words can mean so much. The statement that the president made is bigger than and more far reaching than the 2012 general election. It will begin to change the status quo no matter what the political implications are this time around. It will make it easier for more and more people to stand up for what is right be they politicians or the rest of our fellow citizens. It is a corner turned and my family and I are grateful that President Obama has done it.

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Stand with President Obama to make college more affordable

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara


  • Angfucious

    I agree Kaylin. It is something I worry about a lot. A friend of mine graduated law school, and it took her two years for her to finally get a job and put her degree to work. That is my fear. I will have spent all this time busting my behind to get a higher education, and when it is done... the work won't be there.

  • Becky

    We should be praying for our President lifting him up. Inside so many Americans are trying to bring him down. What has happened to The People.

  • Allie Carrick
    Allie Carrick

    Speak it Mr. President. Now let's wait and see it change...

  • Rachel Suntop
    Rachel Suntop

    and do you think Mitt Romney cares about college education being more affordable?

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And we are not going back

  • Arianne Thomas
    Arianne Thomas


  • Beverlyn Martin
    Beverlyn Martin

    Change keeps moving forward. 100% for President Obama 2012.

A reminder

  • Patricia Sprowls
    Patricia Sprowls

    As an Obama supporter I would love to see a paradigm shift in presidential campaigns. Our President has a record to stand on and a vision for the future that many Americans support. Let Romney do the fund-raising and all the campaigning. Meanwhile, it would be so powerful -- and attract independents-- if our President just kept being presidential, focusing on governing and on the economy. Romney only gains strength as our president goes up against him. Just imagine if Romney was left campaigning all by would just be a whole lot of hot air. This is how it would be in a more perfect world.

  • Kane Wang
    Kane Wang

    There's at least one thing YOU CAN DO. Give Chen Guangcheng more help!

The President’s first rally of 2012 is going to be on Ohio State’s campus this Saturday—hoping all you Buckeyes will be there: OFA.BO/SbdqNJ

  • Bridget Flynn
    Bridget Flynn


  • Daniela K
    Daniela K

    GO BLUE!

  • Crisy Velez
    Crisy Velez

    GO RED!

  • Jarred Romley
    Jarred Romley

    Is this Photoshopped...not cool!

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Fly to California with a +1 to meet the President at George Clooney’s house—it's a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing: OFA.BO/mkcyBz

  • Janis Hahn
    Janis Hahn

    I'm waiting for Obama to do a similar event with Keith Richards - then I'm in.

  • Teri Sutton ~ Sutton Living
    Teri Sutton ~ Sutton Living

    But he said hello to my son. How cool is that to meet both of these men in one place?

  • Teri Sutton ~ Sutton Living
    Teri Sutton ~ Sutton Living

    We met both already sort of! In Portland in August 2007 George Clooney was at this event. I didn't notice George Clooney was there because I was too excited to see Senator Obama. My youngest son recognized him and tried to tell me. I missed out.

This campaign would not run without the thousands of volunteers who’ve committed to supporting the President—thank you

  • Rachel


  • *AMANDA*

    Dear Michelle: I am in no financial position to donate to your campaign. Knowing it is as important to you and Barak, I pray for wisdom and strenght for both of you. Big hug from a Guatemalan living in Argentina, Michelle Echevarrìa. Former CAMPUS STUDENT Fulbright Scholar. 1989. PS. To whomever handles the mail. Please be kind enough to ensure Mrs. Obama recieves my message. Much obliged. Michelle.