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The First Family

The First Family

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We are grateful for each and every one of you.

  • Bunny

    Taylor Nute...We need to hear more thoughts from the youth of America so continue to comment!

  • Pablo


  • Realtor Network
    Realtor Network

    Great picture of an epic moment.

  • Gina Minton
    Gina Minton

    Congratulations !

  • Livlife10

    Please fallow me mr. President

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"Casting our ballots for Barack in 2008 was such a special moment for our family. The girls were so proud of their dad." –mo #kidsvote

  • Patricia Mattingly
    Patricia Mattingly

    Love them!

  • Ann

    My DD age 8 had the job of 'getting out the vote in our household. She was 100% successful and the projection are that both votes went for Obama.

Game time with good company

  • Jinan Alsammarie
    Jinan Alsammarie

    yes we need to keep him there to clean up the problems that where created by the republicans, we dont need another republican to continue the disaster that the idot Bush started.

  • houstonalle

    It's a hard job. Got to be like herding cats, trying to get anything done. I think he is more interested in taking care of things that matter to me.

  • Amy Blosch
    Amy Blosch

    Kathrine is probably just jealous because her kids hate her.

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Eskimo kisses

Organizing for Action — Here’s to dads.
  • J J
    J J

    my heart melted when i saw this pic. my father did this with me and i did it with my daughter.

  • Taylor Nute
    Taylor Nute

    I love how he tries so hard to have quality time with family! My parents just work.

  • Taylor Nute
    Taylor Nute

    Also their jobs are not nearly as hard as Obama's

  • El Gould
    El Gould

    Greetings First Lady. Welcome to Pinterest. With leaders falling like dominos, thank you and our President for leading and serving this country with integrity.

  • Graciela Bordon
    Graciela Bordon

    Mi Presidente Querido !!!

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Time to get going: Today’s your last chance to share a meal with the First Couple. Your airfare's covered: OFA.BO/EydkD5

Organizing for Action
  • Sue Houtsma
    Sue Houtsma

    Take us....we are political and fun

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara

    Come and Join us

  • Nan SriPrasad
    Nan SriPrasad

    ok I will !

  • Jean Keeney
    Jean Keeney

    yes Shery I am with you! I would love to meet both Mr. and Mrs. Obama ,

  • El Gould
    El Gould

    Greetings First Lady. With leaders falling like dominos, thank you and our President for leading this country with integrity.

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2009 Inauguration

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara


  • Tim Sebring
    Tim Sebring

    Ellie, very true. Romney thinks that the BOTTOM of the middle class is $100,000 or so. He's so out of touch with what middle class really is, that he honestly believes that he's helping the middle class, but in reality he's helping those who don't really need it. Too many people don't realize that. Like any other lesson they'll either learn the easy way or the hard way. The sad part is that if Romney is elected, instead of seeing how wrong they are about him, they'll still find a way to blame the future hardships on President Obama. His campaigns were the first I've ever donated to in my life. While it wasn't a lot, it's definitely a symbol of how strongly I feel about his cause.


    WOW Mr Steve French. I was always told that people who use swear words like you do "lack the "intelligence" to use other words. Are you, by any chance one of those "uninformed" "and "uneducated" people who voted?

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara

    oh yea that is lovely

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In the Red Room

  • Jee Prezz
    Jee Prezz

    Thank you.

  • Drapery Loft
    Drapery Loft

    whar did he say to her to get such a grin LOL

  • peter Camara
    peter Camara


  • Graciela Bordon
    Graciela Bordon

    Que lindos !!!

  • Frederick Watson
    Frederick Watson

    What a lucky guy to have such a great lady.

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Help welcome the First Lady to Pinterest!

  • Gail Romanes
    Gail Romanes

    I hope the previous comment is taken off and the writer forbidden to post again.

  • Mary Spencer
    Mary Spencer

    Welcome First Lady who rocks the big house!

  • Frederick Watson
    Frederick Watson

    Boy What a Lady!

  • Taylor Nute
    Taylor Nute



    Steve French is a pooor loser. Poor lonely guy!

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Everybody needs somebody to lean on

  • Arimas Jewelry Box
    Arimas Jewelry Box


  • Drapery Loft
    Drapery Loft

    They look so happy

  • Sandra Bohannon
    Sandra Bohannon


  • Eric Clementson
    Eric Clementson

    The most racist family in America.

  • Lola's World
    Lola's World


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Twenty years later, she still gives pretty great hugs

  • August Bernhard Bammer
    August Bernhard Bammer

    He is an Hero

  • Drapery Loft
    Drapery Loft

    Real Life

  • Zawadi Nyong'o
    Zawadi Nyong'o

    Bless! This is just precious :-)

  • Catherine Grasser
    Catherine Grasser


  • rachael w
    rachael w

    How sweet

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President Obama and his niece, Savita

  • Prügikonteinerite rent
    Prügikonteinerite rent

    nice and cute)

  • Hyrles OÜ
    Hyrles OÜ


  • peter Camara
    peter Camara

    very cute.

  • Fconsult Raamatupidamine
    Fconsult Raamatupidamine


  • peter Camara
    peter Camara


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Less than 100 days from the 2012 Democratic convention, a fun flashback to 2008

  • Monica Owens
    Monica Owens

    I'm in that pic somewhere! I was there!!!

  • Rhoda W
    Rhoda W

    Awesome ladies!

  • Monica Taylor
    Monica Taylor

    My family and I have so much love, respect and admiration for our first family!

  • Rhoda W
    Rhoda W

    Yay Monica!

  • Mindy Hopkins
    Mindy Hopkins

    I was there too!!! Probably tops up there in the best 5 things I have ever done in my entire life! The energy was electric!!

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Clear eyes, full hearts

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  • Nia Edwards
    Nia Edwards

    look at that form, what a guy

  • Roma Wallace
    Roma Wallace

    He's a Boss!

  • Susan Lewis
    Susan Lewis

    Throws like a girl.

  • Donna Guillory
    Donna Guillory

    Got to love him, but regarding the cell phone belt clip!, I agree with Paul. That's a little dorky.

  • Nia Edwards
    Nia Edwards

    I'm pretty certain girls don't have that form when they throw... but he's not trying out for the NFL

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A fist bump from FLOTUS

Backstage with Barack in Richmond
  • Torcuata Dávila
    Torcuata Dávila

    She's so beautiful

  • Nia Edwards
    Nia Edwards

    her biceps and triceps are no joke!

  • shell brown
    shell brown

    so cool

  • Karen Marks
    Karen Marks

    She's my "Birthday Buddy"

  • Alberto Kang
    Alberto Kang

    Great photo

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President Obama and Elie Wiesel tour the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

  • Margaret Hodgkins
    Margaret Hodgkins

    This was such a moving place to visit. When you turn the corner and see the shoes--chills!!

  • Sheila Cawley
    Sheila Cawley

    I was there - just outside...and could not bring myself to go in. Too much pain.

  • M.F. Franke
    M.F. Franke

    Same here. I can't help but openly weep.

“I’m President Barack Obama. And I, too, want to slow-jam the news.”

  • Judith Bradley
    Judith Bradley

    @ Katrice: Indeed!! I so admire them and pray he is able to continue to good work for the country.

  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson

    this was awesome!

  • Kim Duran
    Kim Duran

    Love the Prez!

  • Sheryl Russell
    Sheryl Russell

    Absolutely loved this!!!

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President Obama sits on the bus where Rosa Parks' protest began the historic Montgomery Bus Boycott

  • Anita Callaert
    Anita Callaert

    well said

  • Susan Lovette
    Susan Lovette

    Ladies, it has been a nice chat and I guess we can agree to disagree. I see it differently, I come from a large extended family that is full of color that is filled with love and respect. I am sorry that I do not fit into your description of a racist just because I see Obama differently than some of you do. Many Many of my family and friends of color are beginning to wake up to the fact that Obama has a private agenda, one that does not include full freedom of Gods people. I know and believe that God gave man freedom, I will say this, Obama has made our country better, Americans have woke up and many are now paying attention to what their elected officials say and do. We are all children of God, every one of us. I admire all of your respect of this administration and I appreciate your courteous reply to my post.

  • shell brown
    shell brown

    Susan, I've also enjoyed our chat. Even though I feel that God giving man his freedom or free will, or that President Obama has a hidden agenda, are illusionary, based on many false premises. But, I will defend your right to believe or say anything you like.This is a fundamental guarantee of human liberty, written as statute, and guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. I'm sure that a Constitutional Law Professor would also be fully aware of this, so I wouldn't stress out that 'God's people' will lose their 'full' freedom. I hope you will excuse me for extending an American (I think) metaphor; If you throw enough mud on a wall, it seems in America, most of it will stick. Also as woman, we are far better able to see the truth in men, but the least able to see the truth in ourselves. I wish President Obama all the strength and courage to continue his uphill battle against the misguided and the misinformed, and to heal the America that he loves and believes in. From Australia Susan, G'day

  • Taylor Nute
    Taylor Nute

    I am a White person, not to sound racist, but I understand how Black people felt. It wasn't fair how we treated them. They are just like us!!!

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High fives all around

Organizing for Action — High five.
  • Natalie Sekletar
    Natalie Sekletar

    I am so proud of him and his efforts!

  • Meghan Sweeney
    Meghan Sweeney

    Thank you for all that you have done for our country! You truly are a role model!

  • D Johnson
    D Johnson

    Hi Five Mr. President !

  • Joella Greeley
    Joella Greeley


  • Cocktails With  Mom
    Cocktails With Mom

    LOVE THIS!!!

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The Obama family reading “Where the Wild Things Are” at the 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll

  • Terri Christenson
    Terri Christenson


  • Glinda Shaffer
    Glinda Shaffer

    I love to see Michelle with her Mothering hat on...She's holding down the dog and holding the mike at the same time....

  • Jordan Walker
    Jordan Walker

    My favorite book!

  • Dorothy Showket
    Dorothy Showket

    So sweet!

  • Adduco Kolimisteenus
    Adduco Kolimisteenus

    Love this!

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Summer is coming—game on

  • Wendy Amato
    Wendy Amato

    Is that Jimmy Buffett?

  • Mary Ellen Smith
    Mary Ellen Smith

    I am wondering it Jimmy Buffett?

  • Diane Davis
    Diane Davis

    or could be VP Biden...

  • Tonia Symes-Patino
    Tonia Symes-Patino

    My bet is Diane's's theVP and the pic was taken last summer ('11) @ VP's home...during an early summer pool party. I forget how I know but I've seen the pic before.

  • Sharon Newell Holle
    Sharon Newell Holle

    I love this picture of the Preisdent and Vice President having some fun with the kids, just like normal Dad's. They are such awesome guys!

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From one class act to another

Michelle Obama – The Ultimate Example
  • SDB


  • Ashley Gill
    Ashley Gill

    Michelle is so inspiring. Beautiful letter!

  • Rebecca


  • J J
    J J

    m360Michelle - so true - Lady O is the class act - got the education, makes the sacrifice, driven for serving others; not for bling which is my perception of B

Obama-Biden 2012

  • Irene Mukuhi
    Irene Mukuhi

    thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JoAnn peck
    JoAnn peck

    I am so glad I have found our president. That everyone has s nonthing but good to say about our president

  • Shannon Draganov
    Shannon Draganov

    Two GOOD men.

  • Hyrles OÜ
    Hyrles OÜ

    good picture!

  • Fconsult Raamatupidamine
    Fconsult Raamatupidamine


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A young White House guest wanted to see if the President’s hair felt like his

  • Pat Rosenberg
    Pat Rosenberg

    Takes a hard heart not to smile as a child learns

  • Anita Callaert
    Anita Callaert

    this child learned kindness

  • Yollie M
    Yollie M

    How sweet and humble...

  • Pamela Cone
    Pamela Cone

    I love this moment! It is a symbol of what his election has meant to so many.

  • Barb Jack
    Barb Jack

    That's so incredible, a real person at heart

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The First Family in 2008

Michelle Obama: White House Dog Coming Soon!
  • Betty Turney
    Betty Turney

    Our country is blessed to have this beautiful family sacrificing and serving the USA. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • shell brown
    shell brown

    Such a beautiful honest photo

  • Dale L. Brown
    Dale L. Brown

    My favorite family. I wish I could meed tthem.

  • Joella Greeley
    Joella Greeley


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Live long and prosper

Organizing for Action — RealNichelle: Taken 2/29/12 in the Oval Office -...
  • Carl Henry Peartree
    Carl Henry Peartree

    Okay, Mr. President, you are the best. May the force be with you... Always.

  • Chad Poore
    Chad Poore

    Oh course the geek in us all love this... who wouldn't?

  • Museo Ridiculoso
    Museo Ridiculoso

    And thank God, Elizabeth, that you probably aren't registered to vote.

  • Julia Simmons
    Julia Simmons

    Praying for you Mr. President! Live long and prosper.

  • Elle Heedles
    Elle Heedles

    you are the coolest president ever!

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