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Truth Team 2012

Truth Team 2012

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A guide-binder for what Romney has to say about women's rights.

  • Karen Kotovsky
    Karen Kotovsky

    Don't forget to add to the binder how Romney/Ryan feel about collective bargaining. They want to take us back to the 50's on our civil rights.

  • Sundance Vacations
    Sundance Vacations

    Binder full of women was such a classic "Oh s.." moment for a presidential candidate regardless of who you were going for

We can’t afford a President who says “my job is not to worry about” 47% of the American people

  • Carolyn Sorensen
    Carolyn Sorensen

    Anybody familiar with Dunno if its best to volunteer thru the DNC or MoveOn or???

  • Ambelleina

    It's NOT his job to worry about that 47% because Romney is not, nor will he ever be, president of the USA!

  • Victoria Tejeda
    Victoria Tejeda

    Carolyn Sorensen Volunteer with the Obama campaign! is the best place to start!

  • Carolyn Sorensen
    Carolyn Sorensen

    The UN is right. Today (10/25) we hear that Mitt's son and Bain are busy buying voting machines, SCAM machines no doubt. Bizarre isn't it after the Romney campaign worked so hard to PREVENT people from registering/voting. WE need to do something about this now before they steal another election.

  • livvy

    Excuse me, Mr. President, but I think you made a typo.

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Repin if you’re on Team 21st Century

  • Vickie Higgins
    Vickie Higgins

    I as a women want to move forward, not backwards!

It’s a big difference

  • Michelle Quiroz
    Michelle Quiroz

    haha true that @Semir M

  • Mary Redmond
    Mary Redmond

    This is BRILLIANT. You should create many more of these on various issues. I am so sharing this!!!

  • Janice Sweeney
    Janice Sweeney

    Romney is a rummy. He is not getting my vote. No way no how would I ever.

  • Janice Sweeney
    Janice Sweeney

    I love Obama for he loves the poor and the middle class something like Jesus, he also walked with the poor and the average people. Hm, it can't get better than that. Something for you to think about and then vote for Obama....

  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson

    Semir M Exactly! It's weak, too. What kind of person who wants to be President can't take a stand on an issue as fundamental as this?

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Mitt Romney has a jobs plan

  • Carolyn Sorensen
    Carolyn Sorensen

    Bravo on the video. I'd like to see that often on the tube.

  • Melanie

    Doesn't this guy know how to "fix" anything without laying people off?

  • Susan Ballinger
    Susan Ballinger

    This guy terrifies me.

  • Janelle C
    Janelle C

    how does cutting jobs for firemen, teachers, policemen help the American people? last i heard, firemen, teachers, and policemen ARE part of the American people

  • Deborah Brown
    Deborah Brown

    I agree, I'd like to see this often as well!

“They deserve our support”

  • Mary Redmond
    Mary Redmond

    This is BRILLIANT. Much like the one: On Equal Pay. You should create many more of these on various issues. Love it. Will definitely repin.

  • Diane Moore
    Diane Moore

    I confess, I missed this. However, $5 trillion in additional debt leaves no room to grow government. The educational system is broken and woefully inept. Throwing more money at it has never worked. School districts like those in the D.C. area being a good example. There is NO money for all the promises the idiot in the White House is making. Parasites always want more with no regard for responsibility. Anyone who believes he is anything but a dismal failure is either not awake or one of the 49 million households of takers. As "brilliant" as what's in my cat's litter box.

  • Jordan Jeffrey
    Jordan Jeffrey

    Who said anything about throwing money at the school systems? Having more teachers in a system is an economic investment. Teachers don't get paid nearly as well as they should, and depending on what they teach, make a little less than the average household income in the country. They point is that having more teachers doesn't increase the costs of the education system to an unsustainable amount, not even close.

  • Natasha Woodard
    Natasha Woodard

    You think throwing money at educating our children is a failure? Okay, those are the doctors that will be treating you later on in life when you get sick, the politicians in charge of making decisions about your future. The manager and nurses running the nursing home your kids throw you in...yep, sounds like a place that is wasteful to throw our money at. The problem with education is the programs Republicans have put in place that have cut teachers salaries, cut actual learning and focusing soley on passing a test (which does not prepare them for the real world).


    Diane Moore sounds like a"tape recording" of all the other "haters"! Do you notice they all use the same words, because they can't come up with new ones?

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Even by Romney’s double standard, the President has the stronger jobs record

The real story behind the deficit

  • car◯line

    The blue looks great.

  • Bridget Sarbu
    Bridget Sarbu

    But, like all statistics, I'd love to see how this was figured. Numbers can be made up. (Not saying it wouldn't be AWESOME if it is true. [I think it very well may be] But we live in a skeptical time.) I'd love to see the proofs/the math process behind this.

  • Colleen Shimkoski
    Colleen Shimkoski

    It's not a matter of spending. Reverse Bush's tax cuts for the millionaires. Balance.

  • Christina Tucker
    Christina Tucker

    BS!!! Totally fabrication

  • Vickie Higgins
    Vickie Higgins

    Remember Bush did not include the wars in his federal spending budget. Obama did!

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On subjects like keeping teachers in the classroom and making college affordable, Mitt Romney gets straight F's.

Romney’s report card
  • Ellie Silvis
    Ellie Silvis

    Public schools have always been the one leveling agent in our country. Everyone is given the same opportunity. Privatization would truly be a bad thing.

  • Johnice Reid-English
    Johnice Reid-English

    @Ellie, I totally agree, and that is what Mittens and the GOP are trying to pass. As a grandmother with grown grandchildren, I would need to sacrifice my nest egg to pay for the elementary education of my future great grandchildren just for them to have an even chance to get into the same colleges I went to...say NO to the GOP-ers!

  • Ellie Silvis
    Ellie Silvis

    Exactly! What you would end up with is the wealthy children all in elaborate schools while families who can't afford it struggle in underfunded schools.

  • Johnice Reid-English
    Johnice Reid-English

    Ellie Silvis If that!


    If our people are hungry and if our children are not educated we will not be strong. Think about it.

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Understanding what the job is—and who you work for

  • Donna Summerlin
    Donna Summerlin

    Well said Mark !

  • Kathy Bryant
    Kathy Bryant

    Yes, Mark! I agree with Donna - well said.

  • Crystal Spence (
    Crystal Spence (

    Mark and Kathy are idiots. Thanks for showing your ignorance

  • Makenna Martin
    Makenna Martin

    I agree mark! You really proved a point.

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GST Steel—Romney economics in action

  • Deborah Brown
    Deborah Brown

    Sad...I'm guessing there are some people who just couldn't care less about the average worker when they themselves have all the money they will probably ever need.

People are people

  • Carol Gautreau Bent
    Carol Gautreau Bent

    I'm for Obama!!!!!

  • Sandra Trickett
    Sandra Trickett

    Lol. Y'all think this is really him?

  • Weon Keuk Choi
    Weon Keuk Choi


  • Kathy Bryant
    Kathy Bryant

    Sherri Cowan, you are right on! I love the analogy about the parks and recreation departments. Thank you for putting our nation's situation so accurately! Blessings to you!!

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Stephanie Cutter sets the record straight on Mitt Romney, Big Oil, and the Koch brothers

  • Rita Chakrabarti
    Rita Chakrabarti

    this is awesome. We need more like this, short and succinct. By the way, the last part about tumblr... OFA should get on there too, I know barackobama is :)

  • OFA - Region 6 Volunteers
    OFA - Region 6 Volunteers


  • The Next Best Thing
    The Next Best Thing

    Great Job! Small Store owner with a huge heart.

  • Marla Mayes
    Marla Mayes

    It is a great presentation, but the content, I dunno... It seems more of a preaching to the choir pitch. Not sure that there's enough substance for Independents or Maybes. The "not true" stuff isn't back upped enough to be believable - just because she sez so wouldn't be convincing enough. Agree with all the Koch Bros stuff, but the outsourcing = not true stuff - not so much. Thought I saw or read something on the news somewhere that the US firms that got the contract did outsource some components out of country via sub-contracts. Seems like it had something to do with the components being on a world trade list or something that some international law sez has to be globally competed.

President Obama made a promise to American women at the Women’s Leadership Forum

  • Ambelleina

    Love this. I don't understand how my reproductive system in any way affects a conservative Republican's life, so I don't get why they are allowed to control it.

  • Tamara Curtiss
    Tamara Curtiss

    Isn't it ironic that the Republicans always push 'less government' while pushing 'more government' on womens health issues, among many others.


    The Republicans are against "Family Planning" The are closing the Planned Parenthood clinics in record numbers. This is an attack on all women.

President Obama has released 12 years of tax returns—Mitt Romney has released one

  • David Barzaga
    David Barzaga

    Good information.

“This is not Republican and it’s not Democrat. It’s civil rights. It’s a human right.”—Lilly Ledbetter

Repin to make sure your friends know exactly what Mitt Romney would do as president

  • Lisa Kaye
    Lisa Kaye

    ROMNEY 2012

  • Maria Yadira Valencia
    Maria Yadira Valencia

    Romney can go to h$&@

  • Ambelleina

    Obamacare is the reason I was able to get back on my mother's good quality, affordable healthcare for one more year (unlike the outrageously priced, no co-pay, high deductible healthcare my employer 'provides'), long enough for me to get a physical showing an internal organ damage I would otherwise never have known about until it caused health problems. So glad we have a president who cares about people, not corporate profits.