Baranov Museum

Baranov Museum
Kodiak, Alaska / Southwest Alaska history museum: fantastic collections, National Historic Landmark building, great people.
Baranov Museum
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Who wouldn't love this Biography Poster? Kids can learn about a historical figure, something they learned as a blurb, and then all get their photo taken as that historic person.  Pretty fun!

Love this idea! students pretend they are the main character. Biography Poster- This will really require students to KNOW what they have on their poster, not just write facts down :-) Could so be used for author studies or character analysis.

DIY Houses by Night | Fellow Fellow

DIY Houses by Night - cut out a picture of a house or castle, carefully cut out windows, and wrap around a flameless candle. So pretty. This would be great to do for friends - with a picture of their house, in black & white or sepia tones

TellAStory - biographies

Looking for ways to kick your Etsy Shop sales up a notch or two? Here’s a quick but effective idea for you… Tell a Story!

A fun way to see old photos everyday.

Memory Candles: This is such a fun way to display photographs! The technique uses black and white photocopies and transparent contact paper to transfer images to glass votive candleholders. What happens is that the black ink sticks to the contact paper.