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Learn How to Clean Your Burr Grinder & Keep Your Grind Fresh

How to Clean Your Burr Grinder: A regular cleaning of your grinder doesn't have to be a chore and will ensure your brews are tasting their absolute best. #coffee #grinder #cleaning

The Best Coffee Grinder

A grinder that grinds beans to a uniform size for optimal extraction is the single most important piece of equipment for making good coffee. Even the best coffee beans run through the best brewing …

Love when Aussie cousins visit & bring treats like this delish @reubenhills Brasil Lovely Kalita to start the day!

Feeling spoiled today with all the different coffee we get to try. Thanks @liftcoffeeroasters for making our morning brighter! #baratzabrews

An endless supply of coffee to power us through Monday. #baratzabrews

The coffee haul for the #BaratzaNorCalTeam from #scaa2015 The future is looking v tasty thanks to @chocfishcoffee @enjoysupersonic @lacolombecoffee @theroasthouse @papapalheta and the World Aeropress champ shared his #GreenPlantation Coffee from Slovakia

This Voyager from @chromaticcoffee has been killing it all week. Can't wait to get up every morning to make it #kalita #Virtuoso #brilliantbags #BaratzaBrews