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super cute Ragdoll kitten Tap the link Now - Luxury Cat Gear - Treat Yourself and Your CAT! Stand Out in a Crowded World!

An inquisitive little kitten is the best reminder of what youth is all about.

The BHBN or Berry Health Benefits Network talks about examinations that were done at the South Carolina’s Hollings Cancer Center Medical University that revealed that the system easily assimilate the antioxidant that adds to cell loss in specific types of cancer. Reports show that cancers are noted as the most affected pretentious were lung, colon, esophageal, tongue, skin, liver as well as breast cancer.

Red raspberry leaves contains tannins, a natural astringent that can help cleanse the outside & inside of the body. Using as a tea cups a day can help with gum diseases, oral cavities, colds, the flu & respiratory infections. Due to the high amount of

double fisherman's knot - Google Search

Nice diagram for making a sliding knot - AKA: Double Fisherman's Knot

Beach / Coastal Inspired Deco Mesh & by SecondNatureDesigns1

Beach / Coastal Inspired Deco Mesh & Burlap by SecondNatureWreaths

Wow! Just tried this for lunch:) they are really interesting and very good:) #kreativekampuslearningcenter #arizona #phoenix

List of 24 delicious and easy clean eating meal prep ideas with links to all recipes! Clean eating meal prep ideas include breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Thalurania glaucopis, violet capped woodnymph, Hummingbird....gorgeous color

Thalurania glaucopis, Violet-capped Woodnymph hummingbird by Techuser

Cat Breeds That Love to Play With Water

Unlike most other cats, the Turkish Van breed has a water-resistant coat and enjoys being in water.

Easy Party Cheeseboard - simple ingredients, big flavor!

Toot Sweet 4 Two: Easy Party Cheeseboard - Make a portable version of this for road trip


Barn swallows - Party of Four by Edward van Altena en