Hair Combs: China, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Central Asia

The collection includes all types of hair ornaments: combs, pins, diadems, crowns, and tiaras.
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Antique Jade Hairpin. The Gina Hellweger Collection. Photo by Gina Hellweger.

Comb with the Hindu God Vishnu Nepal, circa 1725 Jewelry and Adornments; combs Ivory

Manchu woman's hairpins, bien-fang. Gilt silver, carnelian, kingfisher feather, gemstones. Qing dynasty. Private collection

China | Kingfisher feather hair ornament; Metal hair ornament, decorated with kingfisher feathers, metal, pearl beads, coral beads, & cloisonné. | ca. 1700 - 1899 / Qing Dynasty

Ornament Period: Tang dynasty (618–907) Culture: China Medium: Gold Classification: Jewelry

DIAN, Western Han Period, 200 - 100 BC, Yunan Province, China. Bronze with malachite inlay on both sides. Jade carved with characteristic ornamentation.

An Important Gold and Ivory Comb, Probably Tang Dynasty (618-907) 48,800.00$. 9cm wide. Decorated with fine filigree work on the both sides, inset with well polished malachite, the spine with small coral beads. Source:

Chinese eight immortals comb: Impressive ivory comb featuring the eight Chinese Gods from Dao Temple (tao - taoism). The eight immortals are crossing the sea. They separately represent male, female, the old, the young, the rich, the noble, the poor, and the humble Chinese.

Gold headdress ornament with phoenix motif, Eastern Jin Dynasty 317-420 AD; excavated in Nanjing, China

Gold headdress ornament with bird and fish motifs, Eastern Jin Dynasty 317-420 AD; excavated in Nanjing, China

Ornamental comb, China, probably smile emoticon Tang Dynasty, Parcel gilt silver Galerie Zacke, Vienna

Gold filigree hairpin, Song Dynasty. Collection of Anhui Province Museum

Yuan dynasty (1271-1368), Mongol noblewoman's boghtaq headdress. China Silk Museum

Pierced jade hairpin terminal in bird and floral motif. Ming dynasty

Enameled and silver hair stick Manchu early 20th c (archives sold Singkiang) collection Truus and Joost Daalder

Barrette. Chased gilt silver mount, seed pearls and black bead. Mongolian

Scholar's Jade Hair Ornament

Pearl Crown, 18th Century Tibet, from the exhibit "Tibet: Treasures from the Roof of the World," Tibet Museum, Lhasa

China | Pale Celadon jade hairpin; carved with a tapering reticulated panel depicting figures amidst scrolling lotus flowers, the tassel formed from pearls, red and coral-coloured beads, a small jade butterfly, and a small jade plaque carved with a two character mark which reads tian fu, 20.5cm | Late Qing Dynasty | 1'000£ ~ sold (May '15)

Rare hair ornament for men, 19th Tibet. Similar example in the Newark collection. Private Collection

Pearl And Ruby Hairpin Ming Dynasty 16th Century

A Jadeite Pearl And Kingfisher Hairpin Qing Dynasty, Chinese 19th Century

A Yellow Gold and Jadeite Hair Ornament, Late Qing Dynasty, containing an oval cabochon saddle cut mottled green jade measuring approximately 31.50 x 23.00 x 4.80 mm and two oval cabochon cut green jade measuring approximately 19.00 x 10.50 x 4.40 mm within an open wirework rope texture foliate motif surround. Stamp: 14K (maker's mark).

Antique gold and jade of china

China(?), 5 five fine brass / jade hair pins : Yes Chinese Jadeite pins for men and women