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    Hair Combs: China, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Central Asia

    The collection includes all types of hair ornaments: combs, pins, diadems, crowns, and tiaras.

    Hair Combs: China, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Central Asia

    • 647 Pins

    A Mongolian Aristocrat. ca. 1933 - 1937

    19th century Alashan Mongol headdress. Private collection

    A pair of Uzemchin Mongol hair cases, 19th c Private collection

    Official hat, gold lacquered papier-mache, open-worked gilt metal top with red agate terminal. Tibetan 19th c Private collection

    Khalkha Married Woman’s Tiara, Khalkha Alliance, Mongolia, 1900-28, Gold, silver, coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli, rose quartz,

    Silver hair ornament. Tibet. 19th c. Private collection

    Qing Dynasty princess

    MONGOLIA - BILGE-KHAN'S CROWN - ca. 715 A.D. : From the Bilge Khan Memorial - located in the Tsaidam Valley Lake along the western part of the Orkhon River in Mongolia, Bilge Khan or Piqie Khan (also Arslan Bilgä Khagan), personal name Ashina Mojilyan, was one of the most powerful emperors of the Göktürk Empire. Bilge's empire spanned vast steppes from the Caspian Sea to Manchuria; he also invaded the western sections of the Chinese territories. Mogilyan, son of the Turkic Khan Ilteris, was ...

    Three Tibetan hair rings. Silver, turquoise, coral. 19th c. Private collection:

    Tibet | Man's hair ring (Pa-so-tre-kho); ivory with copper repairs | 18th - 19th century

    Embossed and enammelled silver comb and hairpins with bright colours. Butterflies and bats motifs. Late Qing Dynasty.

    A gold hairpin in the shape of a chrysanthemum (flowering plant). It has a large ruby at center and a mix of smaller sapphires and rubies on its petals. The diameter at the largest point is 11.7 centimeters (4.6 inches). The total weight of the artifact is 218.2 grams (more than 7.5 ounces), found inside the Ming Dynasty tomb of a woman named Lady Mei (1430 1474).

    Tibet | Priest's crown; Gilded copper and silver tiara, with inset turquoise & coral stones and skull eyes (painted a metallic red) | ca. 19th century

    Tibet | Bone Tantra Headdress (worn by esoteric Buddhists). | Qing Dynasty

    Monk's Hat; Date: 18th century; Culture: Tibet; Medium: Lacquer with finial of silver, coral and blue glass; Dimensions: H. 9 13/16 in. (25 cm); Diam. 13 in. (33 cm); Classification: Lacquer (Credit Line: Gift of Florence and Herbert Irving, 2007; Accession Number: 2007.480.1)

    Nepal | Woman's brooch; gold, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and turquoise | ca. 17th - 19th century | British Museum Collection

    Nepal | Gilt copper crown ~ Mukuta ~ of a Tantric priest with rich stone inlay | 15th / 16th century | The two wings on the side have been replaced more recently | Est. CHF 82 000 ~ Sold (May '14)

    ...Date: 14th century Ritual crown Culture: Nepal (Kathmandu Valley) Medium: Copper alloy with traces of gilding, inlaid with semiprecious stones

    Khalkha headdress. Silver filigree, partial gilding, turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli inlay. Horse hair used to simulate human hair. Mongolia, 19th-20th c. Private collection

    Full set of Dariganga women's headdress. Silver, coral, seed pearls, horse/false hair. 19th c, Mongolia. Private Collection.

    A Chahar women's headdress set, gilded silver with coral, turquoise and agate on black cotton padding. Mongolia, 19th c. Private collection.

    Temple ornament, belong to a Charhar women's headdress of 19th century from Mongolia.

    Chinese gold hairpin in the shape of flame. 11.2 cm large, the hairpin has still six rubies and six sapphires around a large ruby. It was found in Nanjing with other gold jewelry inside a tomb dating from the late 15th century CE, when Ming Dynasty was at its peak.

    Another gold hairpin encrusted with rubies and sapphires that dates back to the second half of the 15th century found in Nanjing in the grave goods of the tomb of Lady Mei. She was the third wife of a duke who ruled Yunnan, mother and appreciated counselor of another governor of Yunnan when Ming Dynasty was at its peak

    Enamel braid ornament on silver with inlaid Corals. Mongolia early 20th c (private collection Linda Pastorino archives sold collection Truus and Joost Daalder )