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    Hair Combs: China, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Central Asia

    The collection includes all types of hair ornaments: combs, pins, diadems, crowns, and tiaras.

    Hair Combs: China, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Central Asia

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    Large Chased Silver Hair Pin China 19th century

    Large Silver Hair Pin Chinese Minorities, Southern China or Golden Triangle early 20th century

    Two Silver Straits Chinese Hairpins (Kerok Kuping) Singapore or Malacca, Malaysia circa 1900. The shape of this type of large silver hairpin known as a kerok kuping appears based on a huge ear-prick. Not as heavy as they look (or else they would fall out of the hair), they were worn in hair buns by nonyas (Straits Chinese womenfolk) in Singapore and Malacca.

    18th Century Chinese Helmet with Original Embroidery

    Emperor Yongzheng Ceremonial Helmet. The emperor's role as head of the military required special ceremonial 'armour'. Worn for reviews, it was made more for show than active battle. © The Palace Museum.

    Tibetan ceremonial helmet

    Helmet, China, 19th century The Hermitage Museum

    Hat of an official | China | 19th century | velvet, untwisted silk, brass & peacock feather | The Hermitage | Inventory #: ЛТ-8194

    A Chinese Kingfisher Feather and Metal Hairpin, the metal with a gilt wash throughout, having a bowed base surmounted with seven lotus roots, supported with coil springs.

    moonbeam-on-changan:Antique hairpins that once wore by wives of emperors in Qing dynasty, in the Palace Museum, Beijing. Photos by 故宫博物院



    A COLLECTION OF CHINESE GILT METAL AND KINGFISHER FEATHER APPLIQUES QING DYNASTY Formed as flowerheads and butterflies, mounted with coloured cabochons and other stones, 9.2cm max. (38) Provenance: a private collection, London. Cf. The National Palace Museum, Royal Style, Qing Dynasty and Western Court Jewelry, p.75 for related examples.

    Powered by Translate * SIXTEEN CHINESE GILT METAL AND KINGFISHER FEATHER ITEMS QING DYNASTY Variously formed as hairpins, head ornaments and a brooch decorated with foliate designs, insects, birds, bats, shou characters and ruyi-heads, 10.5cm max. (16) Provenance: a private collection, London.

    Tibetan. Forehead ornament for a crown or a deity, 17th - 19th century. Metropolitan.

    India | Chief Lama's Ceremonial Hat, Ladakh, Early-mid 20th century | This is one of the many images included in the publication Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment: Australia, Oceania, Asia, Africa (Adelaide and Melbourne, 2009)

    The raven crown of Jigme Namgyel (1825-1881). It was worn as a helmet by the father of the first king Ugyen Wangchuck in the 1865 war against the British and is the model for the future royal crowns of Bhutan, named after the raven-headed deity Legon Jaro Doncen. H:26 cm National Museum, Paro, Bhutan. The crown features a garuda head and wings, the eyes of Malakala, and a goose’s head crested with vajra.

    The five trancendental Buddhas (thathagatas) - Amithaba, west, red; Amogasidhi, north, green; Vairocana, center, white; Akshobya, east, blue; Ratnasambhava, south, yellow on the backside their mystic syllables ( bijamantra ). Groups of monks, especially the Kargyupas, wear this crowns during initiations.

    Head Ornament for a married woman, 19. Century, Central Tibet. Material: Silver, Iron,Turquoise, Corall, Bitumen

    These pieces hang on either side of the face in front of the ears, suspended from black woolen strings of yarn attached to the hair. Tibet, 19th Century

    Forehead band, attributed to Safranbolu, Asia Minor (silver gilt, filigree, coral & glass paste)

    Head band hair stick with coral bead work , king fisher feather and ivory figural Mongolia 19th c (colletion of Linda Pastorino)

    Set of three Kingfisher headdress ornaments with amber , , used by Manchu groups , Daghur , Khorchin and Tumet groups , Mongolian 19th c (collection of Linda Pastorino)

    Hardstone jade and branch coral , 17th/.18th c Mongolia, from a headdress. (collection Linda Pastorino)

    Group of Manchu headdress ornaments, coral beading , branch coral, and hardstone, with kingfisher, group of Mongolia 19th c (collection of Linda Pastorino)