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The worlds gonna happen anyway. - acadcmically: 1/366 studied for my physics...

studyign: acadcmically: studied for my physics retest on by making a formula sheet! THIS SHEET IS MY GOALS 😍

debatom - Moda, roupas, acessórios, séries de tv, comportamento, beleza, horóscopo, filmes, ídolos e muito mais!

Don't let anyone tell you short hair is less maintenance. Notice how I've created a board for hair just after my hair cut. 😳 Short Hair Half Up via thebeautydepartment- nice length

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We can't get enough of the hidden rainbow hair color trend. This hair color trend allows you to showcase numerous colors underneath your hair.


"This haircut is minimal on the layers, but most of the texture comes from 'channel cutting' it internally and removing weight to create the overall texture/movement feel of it," he says. (Your hairstylist will know what channel cutting is.