natural playground

We're creating a playground with natural materials & that's never finished. These ideas are awesome!
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DIY Backyard Fire Pit with Swing Seats

tire playground ideas

Tire Playground Ideas (Brainstorm) - alex montero photo :: would be an economical way for cities to equip playgrounds & parks, a durable piece too.

Back yard climbing structure

I'm usually not that big on the whole 'natural play spaces' thing because most of them look too much like workout equipment and don't have much room for imaginative play- but this one actually looks great!

Crow Wood Playscape

I like this net thing. I want to set up some sort of obstacle play course for them,, not just standard play stuff.

use logs to border the sandpit then they double as stepping stones

Purpose: play gross motor, imaginary Possibilities: wall logs to border the sandpit stepping stones

Richter Spielgerate imaginative playscapes playgrounds natural materials

Modern Landscape Masters : Richter Spielgerate