How to start a permaculture garden

How To Start A Permaculture Garden! We’ve discovered a fabulous guide to Permaculture gardening that will inform and inspire you to put some of these great methods into practice!

hugelkultur basics

Some really interesting ideas You can never pin too much info on Hugelkulture. I slready have my test bed started. Hopefully I get good results next year. One of the bad things about living so far North, the growing season is never long enough.

Midwest Permaculture plant guilds

Permaculture Plant Guilds Temperate Climate Permaculture: Free Plant Guilds E-Book from Midwest Permaculture

The Permaculture Design Process - An Example

Let's revisit Katrina Svensson, Travis Balabuck & Sharon Pitt-Harris's two-week journey from design brief to finished design.

edge cropping

See a plethora of permaculture designs in this album. As they inspire you, decide if you want to use them in your home garden, or on a global scale.

How to Be Productive [Infographic] - Adioma

Startup organization Funders and Founders has compiled 35 habits of the most how-do-you-do-that productive people.

Permaculture swales on contour

Continued permaculture water presentation of Keyline Design and Keypoint Dam building

PRI Zaytuna Farm Internship Project - Slope Stabilisation

My chosen internship project at PRI Zaytuna Farm was to stabilize and prevent erosion on a steep slope from an excavation back cut. I also wanted to build topsoil and increase fertility as most of the slope is subsoil clay.

Biome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Biome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia