Zinnia...thoughts of absent friends

Zinnias the most overlooked, beautiful, colorful flower. Reminds me of summer, and my Mom.

Acanthus...artifice, the fine arts

Acanthus spinosus - Spiny bear's breeches is a bold plant, perennial, and is tough. Features: Deer resistant, no deadheading, no fertilizing or staking.

Pitcher Plants or swamp lily. Wish I could find a meaning for these. But they're insectivorous and grow in dismal places. Does that suggest one?

Sarracenia 'Dana's Delight' (Hybrid Pitcher Plant) - Remember, nutrient-poor acidic soils that stay very damp are the best choice for pitcher plants.

pink, white (dianthus)...ingeniousness, talent

White Dianthus - Love Dianthus because they are in Carnation family and come back here in our zone!

Balloon Flower...unchanging love, honesty, and obedience.

Perennials That Love Sun

Balloon flower Named for the shape of its buds, this long-lived perennial blooms from mid to late summer. Blue is its most common color, but white and pink selections can also be found.