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Looking for a great gift idea for Mother's Day? Try a hanging basket that she can enjoy all season. WVU Extension experts tell you how to select or create the perfect hanging flower basket.

WVU Ext - Agriculture & Natural Resources | Hanging Baskets

How to Care For Hanging Petunia Baskets | Garden Guides

How to Care For Hanging Petunia Baskets

How to Make a Hanging Basket Flower Ball

More ivy geraniums


How to Care for Geraniums

how to make a hanging basket

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How to Make a Hanging Flower Basket

Hey there my lovely people! How are you? We are always here to inspire you and awaken your creativity. I have already shown you many ideas of how to decorate your yard and make it peaceful and relaxing. For today, I have a very interesting post that is called “20 Adorable Hanging Gardens That Will …

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20 Adorable Hanging Gardens That Will Make You Say WoW

Example of how you can use wooden structures outside of your home to create a place to hang flowers.

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70 Hanging Flower Planter Ideas (PHOTOS and TOP 10) - Home Stratosphere

How to Make a Perfect Hanging Basket

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Create Stunning Hanging Baskets

If you want to make a real feature your front porch or fill an empty wall of your house, you can use hanging basket planters! They're basically the same size as a regular planter but they are more noticeable since they are, well, hung and not sitting low on the ground. What also makes them really effective, particularly open-sided baskets, is that they can accommodate up to four times more plants than a traditional basket or planter can! View our album of hanging baskets for inspiration
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Connie Cavanaugh's Blog

How to Make a Hanging Flower Basket

Petunias (Petunia) and million bells (Calibrachoa) are great plants for container gardens.

Great Trailing Plants for Containers: Gardening

For wire hanging baskets, place a water saucer inside the basket to conserve water. Fine Gardening Article

Create an Elegant Hanging Basket - Fine Gardening Article

Love love love this hanging basket with the new hybrid of potato vine.

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Are you looking for a unique flower for your garden? Fuseables Ooh La La Petunias are an excellent choice. Order today from Harris Seeds.

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Petunia Fuseables Ooh La La

tips for petunias ...these look like the ones that hang around town in Westerville, OH

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Petunia 'Petunia Trellis Pink' - NEVER to soon to start thinking about spring..... :)

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Big baskets of petunias on a fence...great idea to hide the ugly wooden fence behind the north flower garden

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Container gardening lets you grow almost anywhere! This planter is the best for container gardening!

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What's our secret to growing HUGE flowers every year? Check out our custom fertilizer at:

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8 Tips for a hanging garden Plants that do well in a hanging garden are: Impatiens, petunias, geraniums, million bells, trailing lobelia, trailing verbena

8 Tips for a Hanging Garden

LOVE THIS COMBO! Superbells Dreamsicle, Supertunia Royal Velvet and Orange Symphony

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Hanging Basket: Plants with small foliage and flowers create a fine texture that adds a touch of subtlety to your landscape. We love this simple but effective combination -- it's like a touch of snow in summer. This basket is best in full sun. A. Swan River daisy (Brachyscome iberidifolia) -- 3 B. Bacopa (Sutera 'Snowstorm') -- 3 C. Asparagus fern (Asparagus sprengeri) -- 1

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Create Stunning Hanging Baskets

10 Plants Perfect for Hanging Baskets

10 Plants Perfect for Hanging Baskets

Shade plants for planters and baskets, finally... beautiful baskets for shade!

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Hanging Baskets for Shade -