Tiffany Blue Rose

Tiffany rose - amazing color This is the color dress I wore when I married my husband of almost 25 years, still happily married! It's my favorite shade of blue too!

10 New Years Eve Manicure Ideas

Best New Years Eve Manicure Ideas: New Years Eve Nails

Blue Glitter nail art design ~ Dior: Saint Tropez (is a vibrant turquoise creme) with Nails Inc. Hammersmith glitter on the tips.

bee house kyoto teapot... and another spare because i think that @Melissa Holley would be disappointed if she found out i left out the red teapot's friend... the turquoise teapot.

bee house kyoto teapot in turquoise -- PERFECT! Color optional but I adore this design.

Tiffany Blue Ferrari ....

Tiffany Blue Lamborghini Aventador -if I wasn't so sold on Lambos needing to be a sporty color like red, this would be the car of my dreams!


Moonrise above water. I remember seeing the moon rise in Kenya. It was such an amazing thing to watch.