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Szatmári Barbara
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umbreon, espeon, leafeon, glaceon, jolteon, sylveon, flareon, vaporeon, eevee, pokemon

This has to be the best Pokémon Fan Art I've seen yet, even though I don't like the Eevee evolutions (Eeveelutions). This is some awesome art!

Les animaux géométriques de Kerby Rosanes Dessein de dessin

Lovely Half-Geometrical Drawings of Wild Animals Filipino illustrator Kerby Rosanes unveils a new graphic project in black and white titled Geometric Beasts, that highlights animals whose body is only.

Geometric Beasts

The Philippines-based artist Kerby Rosanes i s back with a series titled Geometric Beasts. Kerby Rosanes uses only ordinary black pens to create his doodles, this time blending wild animals with.