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humor me

humor me

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Giraffe Yoga. Getting his stretch on for #WorldAnimalDay

The longer I look, the funnier it gets! LOL!

Daily WTF: It's Going to be a Bad Winter

Hehehehe (:

La danza sincronizzata delle giraffe in Botswana


Wifed Up Husband That Prays For Me - Wifed Up


A baby giraffe called Margaret…

For real!!!

Michelle and Olivia Parody @michelleoliviashow | Websta


Careful Coffee - One Cup

Seriously one of my favorite Modern Family quotes, ever. I seriously fell off my bed laughing.<< oh lily

17 Reasons Lily From "Modern Family" Is A Role Model To All Women

yep thats me lol

“They should be at least 3 times the cost of that.”

SHOP BETCHES on Instagram: “They should be at least 3 times the cost of that.”

Skim Milk ~ Ron Swanson ~ Parks and Recreation

18 Of The Best Ron Swanson Quotes

Love parks and rec. also reminds me of Archer and his "black" and "slightly darker black" turtlenecks for spy missions.

They’re all black

Before calling me, ask yourself "Is this textable?"

“Bold” might as well be her middle name.

19 Reasons Emily Gilmore Is The Best Character On "Gilmore Girls"

These Memes Are So Funny But True At The Same Time Part 3 (10 Photos)

My favorite psych moment ever

So true

They’re like 12…

Could not agree more!!

25 Celebrity One-Liners On CONAN @

this oughta bring a smile to your face

Sheep Cute - Plan Provision

oh you won't let me over?

Rifts in Reality: Funny Stuff This Week

so true

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Japanese designer creates collection of gorgeous perfume bottles based on Disney villains


schmidt | Tumblr