Teacher Week Day 2 Classroom Digs!

Since I have already shared my classroom reveal this year, I wanted to share some of the incredible classrooms in my school! If you missed my classroom post you can click the tab above this post that says MY CLASSROOM.

Elementary Math Project Idea ~ this creative fun requires skill-based learning

Pre-Algebraic Thinking for Elementary Students

Elementary Math Project Idea ~ Figure Me Out! This creative equation fun requires skill-based learning.

Teacher of Scholars: Anchor Chart Preview and Math Strategies. This is great! I really want my students to be successful in small groups and this will definitely help me teach them.

This is another example of a anchor chart that shows group work expectations. I really want my students to be successful in small groups and this will definitely help me teach them.

Need to do this from the beginning this year.

Procedure for papers (students generated list) what a great idea to remind the students of what to do!

Have your students create a SMART goal board

Create a SMART Goal Board: SMART GOALS

Have your students build a SMART goal board using this product and manila folders! Goal Reaching Inspiration from

Anchor Chart Solutions

Anchor Chart Solutions

Answers for your anchor chart questions! Check out these anchor chart ideas to make them as effective as possible in your classroom.

Nonfiction Text Structure Anchor Chart- Spicing Up Informational Text Structure plus an explanation on how this teacher starts with guided practice and works toward independent practice!

Spicing Up Text Structure

Do you need to spice up teaching text structure in reading? I have plenty of ideas and teaching activities to make it easy!

freebie friday and good character bingo

freebie friday and good character bingo

a great classmate anchor chart to go with Good character Bingo. When they get bingo, class gets a prize: party, leave early, pick your seat, Friday movie.

Get the most from a conference chart

Teaching Students to Get Better at Conferring

Conversation How To | ELA in the middle I love this for prompting small group and pairs discussion. My students always get stuck after two or three sentences this time of year because they don't know how to discuss text with someone.

Conversation How To