fuck yeah.

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Obsessing over Adele. I feel like this like line from Turning Tables hits home for me more than any other.


I F'ing LOVE Adele. And this just gives me another reason to love her. Rock on sister!

shit happens.

People telling you that they can see your ribs. \ 17 Problems All Naturally Skinny People Will Understand




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Forget her singing voice, I'm jealous of her hair. Major Hair Envy!

Some Guy Seriously Screwed Adele Up!

Adele my absolute favorite singer, i am hoping to go to at least one of her concerts or even meet her! She is a total inspiration and has a beautiful voice :)


Adele sets her sights on Prince Harry, despite vowing she 'would never go out with a ginger'

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I think this sometimes, for sure. Especially after a trip to the grocery store.

You know what's sweeter than the sound of a child's laughter? The sound of silence from not having any fucking kids. # I love my kid but this I funny

Dump A Day Never Give Up (15 Pics)

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