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magical mushrooms

Magical Forest II by tomislavkljucaric on deviantART

Omphalotus nidiformis. Luminous fungi, Mait's Rest, Otways, Victoria

Octopus stinkhorn fungus, Laternea pusilla Weird thing - saw these growing on La Rhune mountain in Pays Basque

Real Monstrosities: Mushrooms From Hell: Stinkhorns

Trametes Versicolor Bracket Fungus

Marasmius Mushrooms, Pinwheel

Darwin's fungus



Coral Hydnum mushroom (Hericium coralloides) about 4 inches tall and edible. Wenatchee National Forest.


Trumpet Shape: Gomphus floccosus

Dazzling Blue Mushroom

Velvety Fungi

Magic this where Magic Mushrooms come from?


Clouded agaric containing a single oak leaf


dontrblgme: Slime mold on mushroom via myriorama

Coprinus picaceus "Magpie Inky Cap"

Chlorociboria aeruginascens fungus, this color is astounding!

Don't even try to tell me this isn't a fairy village, because I will simply stick my fingers in my ears and refuse to hear you.

Wild Mushrooms

April wild mushrooms.

Oyster fungi ~ New Zealand

Boletellus betula