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Great for garage storage items / indoor plant room in the house - An old dresser gets a second take on life as a planter. Use the drawers to create a multi-level flower bed. Stage pots, stones and gardening tools on the top for added interest. Would go great with my "flower bed" haha, Go To to get more Gossip News!

DIY Garden: Dresser drawer raised beds - Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking - Living thoughtfully in the modern world

DIY garden. This has got to be the easiest and best way to garden. plans and how to garden on blog link. ~Mel @ RaisedUrbanGarden...

Use old dresser drawers for your garden!... or I have some old tool boxes that would be cool also

Old dresser drawer garden boxes Fruits and veggies that grow well in shallow containers include herbs, lettuce, onions, cucumbers, carrots, radishes and strawberries.

Planter Box made from two dresser drawers that someone dumped behind our house. My husband added some legs to it. I will post another photo when the flowers are blooming. media-cache8.pint... lannejohnson gardening and outdoor stuff

contemporary landscape by Aloe Designs

vertical wall garden frame

This group of Italian terracotta pots are planted with a variety of plant material. Edible plants like lettuce, herbs and a small blueberry bush share the container with perennials and annual flowers. In a small garden space you really can plant a large variety of materials as long as the colour palette is harmonious.

contemporary landscape by Aloe Designs

@Erin B Gallagher - How about this for small space gardening? I'm doing my lettuces and strawberries this season in pallets set vertical to save room.

repurposed chair garden container

great wooden garden container idea. I already have most of this...gonna make the tall ones next

Garden Planter Boxes - Bing Images

Color burst outside the British Horological Institute. Photo: Rob Wilsdon. Lots of photos of some very creative containers for your garden, home and patio.

Garden Planter Box with Trellis - will be good on the den patio against back of garage - will need a drip watering system

Wine box planters - good herb boxes

U shaped gardening raised bed / planter box. Wonder if we could modify the two we have & make it a U?